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Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We are big fans of all of them.

Popular Blogs in India - Best Blogs to Read (14 Categories)

Below we have shared the best and top blogs in India for various categories like best food blogs, best travel blogs, best tech blogs etc

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Top Travel Blogs in India - Top Bloggers in India

#1. Hippie-InHeels

"Not all who wander are lost"-JRR Tolkien.

The above quote defines Rachel Jones very much.

Rachel is not Indian but has been living in India for almost past three years(Goa).

She is basically from Ohio states,United States.

She is a nurse by profession but left her job three years back and came to India to start her blog full time.

She is one of the few bloggers all around the world who have traveled more than 30 countries.

If you are still thinking why we have put her on number 1 position on Indian blogger's list just visit her site and you will see the amount of love she has for India the places she traveled here and the way she writes about Indian places is just ecstatic.

#2. The Wanderer

An engineer by degree but a wanderlust by heart.

Siddhartha Joshi aka Sid belongs from the Himalayas and has degree in mechanical engineering with a master in product design.

Sid is one of the top travel bloggers of India and has a radical thinking as compared to others.

Sid has a dream of border less world where one could travel without any restrictions.

Sid has been featured in many magazines, websites and newspaper.

He also has a strong social media following which depicts how popular he is among people.

We give a thumbs up to sid for his work and his passion for the job.

#3. The Shooting Star

Shivya Nath was just 23 when she quit her IT job and started traveling all around the globe to follow her love for Travelling.

Brave indeed to follow her passion in a country where people take whole life to decide what their purpose is..!

The Shooting star is one of the most followed travel blogs of India.

Shivya in her blogs has inspired people to get out of their shells and explore the unexplored world with her writings.

She has traveled all around the globe from east to west. Her story was even featured in BBC that how she quit her job to travel.

Her social media followers are an indication that she is indeed a star.

Kudos to her work.

#4. eNidhi India

Srinidhi Hande and his traveling blog eNidhi India was started way back in 2006.

Currently, Srinidhi is a Sr. Business analyst at a leading IT services and a consulting MNC, specializing in software products.

​​​​His blog is recognized as one of the top travel blogs of India by several media houses, websites and leading journals.

Srindhi has visited more than 23 countries(including India) and still counting.

He even has worked with brands like make my trip, TATA motors, ford, Maruti and so on.

Do visit his blog for more insights.

#5. Inditales

Anuradha Goyal is one of the most loved travel bloggers of India.

Although she started her blog way back in 2004 but she renamed her blog to Inditales in 2014.

In her earlier days, she worked in IT industry 12+experience although she has left her job way back.

Apart from traveling and blogging she also has authored a book

"The Mouse Charmers-Digital Pioneers of India" published by Random house.

She was even mentioned in many of the media houses for her work.

Kudos to her work.

#6. The Wandering souls’s wander tales

Neelima Vallangi is one of the top travel bloggers in India.

Her blogging journey started after her trip from Ladakh. That trip turned her into a travel addict.

Her dream is to cover each and every corner of India before she turns 30.

She quit her job to start full-time blogging and traveling.

Apart from blogging she also has an interest in photography.

Wherever she goes, she carries her tripod and DSLR with her.

Her work was even published in many of the website and media houses such as National Geography and BBC.

We admire her passion for traveling..!


Sandy and Vyjay are the travel blogger couples. They are successfully running a blog called

If you are a travel buff who loves traveling and exploring different places then you will surely get ready to spend your time on their blog.

Here you can explore food and travel stories, you can check out travel videos and photos, articles related to website and many other interesting things. 

In fact, it provides you a compilation of all the reviews related to resorts, hotels, products, etc. is seriously an ultimate destination to explore new places so go and check  out their stories now.

#8. Travel Tales From India

Are you a travel buff and like to travel different places but don't know where to start from?

Then it is amazing because Mridula Dwivedi and her blogs are here to make your task easy. She left her job as a professor in order to follow her passion.

Her blogs cover some enticing things about her traveling stories and they are so captivating that you will never want to stop reading her blogs.

So before traveling a new place, you must explore her blog so that you don’t miss out anything.

You can also read a book written by her - 100 Things To Know About India.

#9. Different Doors

If you want to explore places in a totally different manner then you must go through Different Doors.

Different Doors is a blog which is owned by a married couple - Revati and Charles Victor. So the question is how it is different from other travel blogs?

Different Doors is not a regular travel guide blog, through their blogs and lot of efforts they have opened different doors.

By going through their blogs you can see how they have discovered new ways of exploring even the most popular destinations.

So next time you visit some place, it is suggested that you must have a look at their amazing blog.

#10. Lakshmisharath 

Lakshmisharath was started by Lakshmi Sharath who spent 15years in media organizations and after that she plunged into traveling and then came in the year 2005.

It is a platform where she shares her travel experiences. Till now she had been to approximately 25 countries.

Her blog was awarded as India’s best travel blog of the year. It is rated among Top Travel Bloggers in India.

Some of her successfully running campaigns are - Chalo MP with Holiday IQ, Nissan drive through Rajasthan #CommandsRespect and many more.

She is a a traveller, story teller, travel blogger, writer, digital influencer, media professional, content specialist, and photographer.

#11. TheUrgeToWander

Madhu is a travel buff and her passion is to travel all around the world.

It was her this urge to travel that led to birth of The Urge To Wander:

If you want to know about some amazing facts and her travel stories on countries like Germany, China, Thailand, Argentina, etc. you can have a look at her personal picks section.

You can even see genuine reviews on hotel and restaurants on her blog which are quite informative also

#12. TheRedLipRover

The Red Lip Rover, I know the name is creating curiosity inside you and so did it created in me.

If you are a traveller and fashionable then my friend this one is for you.

Kruti Panchal - The Face behind this amazing blog, has curated some amazing stuff for you.

She covers every aspect of fashion from what to wear to how to wear. In fact she lists the amazing places that she visits.

I enjoy spending time and getting to know useful tips at Red Lip Rover and you should try too.

#13. Kunzum

Kunzum is an ultimate travel guide for you if you love to travel or you want to travel anywhere around the world.

Ajay Jain - the owner of Kunzum is a full time writer, journalist and photographer based out of New Delhi. He started with his own blog Kunzum in the year 2007.

He has published some books - Kunzum Travel List 1-25, Delhi 101, Postcards from Ladakh and many more. I have read few of them and trust me they are really awesome.

The best part is yet to be said - Kunzum Travel Cafe. It is a place where all the travellers meet, exchange their travel stories, make travel plans, read travel books and many more things.

You can even get a membership to his club - Club Kunzum or subscribe to monthly E Mag - Kunzum Travel Mag.

#14. Travelmax

If Traveling is your passion and you live to travel, then you can spend a good time at Travelmax.

Umang, the owner of this blog, has compiled some amazing stuff for you from travel tips to itineraries and other recommendations.

His work got published in TripHobo, Expedia, Make My Trip and many other successful brands. Also, he got featured in,, etc

Apart from all these achievements Stayzilla, PhotoKatha, Vacations and interviewed him.

Plan your journey with Umang at Travelmax in order to make it a memorable one.

#15. RanganDatta

If Traveling is in your blood and you can't imagine your life without traveling then hold Rangan Datta's hand who is the Freelance Travel writer and a Photographer.

He expressed his love for traveling through his very own blog

Rangan is a Maths teacher by profession, he discovered his passion for traveling right after his high school.

He was awarded as the Top Travel Blogger by Holidify and his Indiblogger rank is 81/100

Even if you don't like to travel much, I am sure his blog is enough to ignite that passion of traveling inside you.

#16. A Wandering Mind 

A Wandering Mind is a blog handled by Anuradha Shankar. She completed her Masters in Physics and then enrolled for Ph.D.

It was then that she decided to follow her passion of traveling around the world.

She also used to write magazines and content for travel websites.

She has compiled all her travel stories which are fascinating and are in large number.

The primary motive of her to start a blog is to connect with like-minded people and share information with them.

If you also want to connect to Anuradha Shankar, then do follow her blog.

#17. Tales Of A Nomad

Do you love reading Atlas and Travelogues more than regular textbooks?

Then I have something fascinating for you guys - Tales Of A Nomad, a blog owned by Niranjan Das.

He is an Indian Travel blogger who loves backpacking trips, trekking and roadside trips.

He has a firm believe that life is a travelogue and we all are nomads.

His interview got featured on HT Holidays, Padhaaro and Wego India. His stories are so engaging that you just can't stop yourself from reading his travel stories time and again.

So dive into another world of traveling with Tales Of Nomad

Indian Auto Blog - Best Auto Blogs in India you must read

#1. Indianautosblog

Indianautosblog is the favorite destination of all Indian car lovers. This blog was started by Shrawan in 2008 with the noble intention of making Indians aware about the auto industry.

His blog not only succeeds in its intents but also became one of the popular platforms for car enthusiasts.

Sarwan had the passion for automobiles, from childhood, being automobile engineer himself he sensed the need for educating people about the auto industry.

His blog indianautosblog attracts more than million viewers per month and Sarwan has got very dedicated and passionate team.

Whenever you feel confused while choosing best cars for your need, my suggestion would be to visit his blog.

People Associated with Indianautoblog: Sagar Parikh, Shoeb R Kalania, Aravind Jayachandran, Neelanjan Chakraborty and Gaurav Malik

#2. Indiacarnews

Indiacarnews as the name itself suggests this blog is dedicated to all car passionate people.

This blog is all about giving you updated and reliable information on the automobile industry.

This blog started in 2015, by a group of passionate auto journalists.

The idea behind starting this blog was to give unbiased and reliable information of autos,

and within a span of 2 years this blog has already reached out to more than million audiences and became one of the popular auto blogs in India.

They not only cover car news but also make it more valuable by giving reviews, making comparisons among different vehicles, suggestions, etc.

This blog since it's inception always has added more values into it and make it more informative for visitors.

#3. Motoroctane 

If you are a bike lover and you have not heard of Motoroctane yet, then you are missing out a  part of your life. It provides reliable information about automobile industry

Here at Motoroctane, you can get vivid knowledge about Cars and bikes.

This blog has been successful in compiling information like upcoming news, features, reviews, upcoming launches, etc.

Also, you can even compare different models of cars and bike.

It has managed to gain the attention of approximately 1 Million users.

Motoroctane is a must follow blog for you if you are mad over automobile.

#4. Auto Car India

Auto Car India is India's one of the best automobile related blog which will provide you best car and bike news and reviews.

The reviews are quite genuine and reliable.

The content that you will see at this blog is quite satisfying as no stone is left unturned.

It has compiled a decent amount of information about car and bikes, from reviews to latest news to features to advice.

You can even discuss, this niche related topic on its forum as well. A separate column of gallery and trending now section is also present.

So just rush on to this amazingly awesome blog - Auto Car India

#5. Motoroids

In the automobile blogs no doubt Motoroids blog would remain to be my favourite. I just can't resist myself from reading this blog.

It was founded by Amit Chhangani in the year 2010 who had remained in journalism for 12 years.

Apart from Amit the successful faces behind the success of Motoroids are Deepak Dongre, Suvil Susvirkar, Karan Tripathi, Ayan Ghosh, Rohan Patil and Hrishikesh Deshpande.

If you have some query and want to have a discussion on it then you can go for its Forum section.

So if you want to know about recent launches, updates, reviews, features and news the Motoroid is the right place for you

#6. Motorbeam

Motorbeam is a blog started by Faisal Ali Khan who was fascinated by automobiles since childhood.

During his MBA days also he never disappointed his audience by updating the blog regularly.

Here you can get to know the latest automobile news, car reviews and bike reviews.

You can even do comparisons, watch videos, get to know about car road tests, bike road tests, etc. What else would an automobile lover ever want?

If you are obsessed with automobile industry then you just can't afford to miss this one.

Best Food Blogs in India - Top Blogs on Food 

#1. Tickling palates

If you are passionate about cooking and looking for some amazing healthy and tasty food recipes then “Tickling Palates” is for you.

So what is Tickling Palates? It is actually a blog handled by an amazing housewife and mother of two kids - Radhika.

She believes that once you have your own kids the perspective and way of cooking changes automatically for every mom.

Through her blogs she lets the world know some easy and amazing recipes which are all tried and tested.

She has given some finger-licking recipes of south Indian food, gluten free food and 15 mins quick recipes to satisfy those sudden cravings.

So if you love cooking then come on follow her blog.

#2. Not Out Of The Box

Not Out Of The Box is a unique blog, which covers everything from Food to Photography to Cooking.

Chandrima Sarkar the owner of this blog is a self-taught home baker who runs her own bakery at home called - "I Bake For You".

She runs Not Out Of The Box blog which covers Bengali recipes that are lost or forgotten with time. She loves to make dessert and they hold a special place on her blog.

The list of her achievement is exceptionally good. Her recipes got featured on The Society's website, Buzzfeed and at many more places. She has even worked with brands like - Big Basket, and Kellogg's.

#3. Aka The Versatile

Aka The Versatile is a blog which is being handled successfully by Amreen Shaikh, who lives in Mumbai and has done BSc. I.T. from Bhavan’s College, Andheri.

She strongly believes that one can't play a single role in life. Aka The Versatile came into the picture when she realized she is much more than a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

and then she found the real identity of herself that she is VERSATILE.

She writes so beautifully and has managed to captivate a large number of audience through her blogs.

Want to get inspired by her and generate some positive vibes in yourself? Then Aka The Versatile blog is a must for you.

#4. Yummytummyaarthi

Yummy Tummy presents food that makes your tummy happy. Here you can satisfy your hunger pangs by learning unique and delicious recipes.

And want to know how it is different from other food blogs? Well, here you can learn new recipes as well as request one.

The great grand list regarding food blogs that you can find here is super awesome.

Recipes related to diabetic dessert, potato dishes, recipes for french, healthy dinner recipes, etc. So just grab this super amazing list of recipes.

Best Fashion Blogs in India

#1. Vanity no appologies

Vanity no appologies is one of the top notch blogs if you are really looking for fashion advice.

The blog was founded by Anshita Juneja who is a delihite.

She holds a master's degree in marketing having graduated in 2011 from Delhi University with B.A. in economics.

Her website was mentioned in many of the top global magazines all around the world such as Elle.

Apart from blogging, she is also an avid reader and love sitcoms and movies probably more than makeup...!

She is one of the bloggers who started part time but now is one of the top fashion blogs of India.She is a real inspiration for people who want to start blogging as their career.

#2. Styledrive

Style drive is one of the most famous fashion blogs of India.

It was founded by a Mumbai girl Ayushi Bhangur in November 2010.

It is not just a fashion brand but also is an alternative to fashion and related stuff.

She basically posts most of her stuff on Instagram with an immense fan base of about 156k.

She even posts videos on her blog addressing different issues that a girl faces in her day to day life.

Kudos to her work.


The blogger that I am going to mention today is not just a fashion blogger but also writes about different places she visits, the food she eats

and even writes about different technological aspects related to fashion.

The blogger I am talking about is Magali Vaz from Mumbai(another Mumbaikar..!)

She started writing her blog way back in 2009.

She also has a huge fan base on twitter(13,321), Instagram(41485), and youtube(7285). She is also a vlogger(video blogger).

Girls looking for fashion tips Magali is the right one to follow from.

#4. The Shopaholic Diaries

She is one of the most famous fashion blogs of India - The shopaholic Diaries was founded by Nikita Bhatia way back in June 2011 during her MBA days.

She basically started writing blogs to share her experience about various online shopping websites.

But later she expanded her blog to more than just sharing website experiences to giving advice on different fashion trends, favorite outfits and everything related to fashion.

She even has tie up with top brands around the globe such as Van Heusen,OPPO,Nivea,LG mobiles,Bvlgari and still adding more under her brand.

She was even featured in many blog posts,websites and different magazines

and has a huge fan following in different social media website to be precise around 1,57,237 likes on her facebook page and still counting.

She is an inspiration and a real example of beauty with brains.

#5. Stylish By Nature

Her IT job was her bread and butter until she found her passion in blogging.

The Blog I am talking about today is Stylish by Nature and the woman I am talking about is Shalini Chopra.

She started her blog in 2014 just as a hobby which soon turned out to be a big business venture for her.

Stylish By Nature is not just a fashion blog but also gives the details of top trends, what to wear?, what not to wear? and everything related to this stuff.

Shalini basically a Delhi girl did her engineering in Computer Science and started her blog when she moved to Bangalore after her marriage.

Since childhood, Shalini was surrounded by fashion lovers, her mother who owns a boutique and her sisters who now work in big fashion firms across the globe are her biggest inspiration.

Her blog has also been featured on many websites and magazines such as The New York Times.

She is one of the examples of a "WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE".

#6. That Delhi Girl

That Delhi Girl is a fashion blog which was started by Pallavi Ruhail way back in 2013.

Doctor by profession to be exact an epidemiologist...!

Before starting her full time blog she worked in health and pharma sector for about three years.

She basically writes about anything and everything that is fancy and catches her attention.

She even has an immense following on different social media accounts to be exact she has 29000 likes on facebook page and 121k followers on instagram.Man she is a celebrity..!

#7. Thatbohogirl

Thatbohogirl blog was started by kirtika khurana.

She writes about different tips and trends that she follows.

She has got a huge instagram fan base of nearly about 410k and she sure is a celebrity.

She has even got an interest in travel and but most of the time she posts about fashion and related stuff.

She has got a huge admiration for fashion and love doing what she does.

#8. The Girl At First Avenue

The Girl At First Avenue is a blog that was started by Chandana Munipalle in 2010.

Chandana started her blog as a hobby but soon it started having an influential presence online.

Soon from a personal blog, it was now a fashion blog which started covering each and every issue that a girl faces in her day to day life related to fashion.

She even has her collaboration with many famous brands such as Thomas Cook,, clear trip and much more.

She also loves traveling but love for fashion has always been her top priority.

Her blog was even featured in many different magazines, newspaper, and websites.

Kudos to her work.

#9. Style Fiesta

Style Fiesta is one of the most featured blogs of India.

It has been covered in many magazines, newspaper and on different websites.

The blog I am talking about today is Style fiesta which was founded by Masoom Minawala back in 2013.

Within few years from a fashion blog to an online shopping website and an helpline for all the men and women.

She basically updates all her user with the new trends, new accessories or whatever new comes in the fashion industry.

If you are a fashion enthusiast then this is the place to go for it.

If you are looking for someone to dress you up from head to toe then Style fiesta is the place...!

#10. Ritchstyles

Hey, the blog I am writing about is one of the famous fashion bloggers - Ritcha and her blog ritchstyles.

She is mommy fashion blogger.

She writes mostly about fashion but also loves traveling and has got a huge fan base on social media accounts.

She has a near about of 17.6k followers on Instagram.

If you do need a fashion advice then ritchstyles is the right place for you.

#11. Fashion bhushavali

How about having a look at an OOTD blog? Fashion Panache is a blog with the amazing concept of OOTD.

The owner of the blog, Bhushavali started this unique concept. She is Fashion and Textile Designer by profession.

She began clicking photos of herself before going to the office and shared them with the world through Fashion Panache.

She got featured in The New York Times, Times of India, Himalaya Herbals Newsletter, NDTV Good Times and many more.

She was the runner-up at Tresemme Blogging Contest.

She even has her own brand - Bhushavali which is running quite successfully.

Traveling is her passion so she started another blog called Travelogue which is a compilation of her travel tales

#12. Ishtyleawhile

Ishtyle Awhile is best fashion blog running successfully by Krupa, populary called Miss Kays.

She is a teacher by profession and she has to wear saree for work.

Her love for saree made her to start with her own blog - Ishtyle Awhile where she shares her styling tips with the world.

She being down to earth, started with workshops to help the newbie bloggers. In fact she can help with you in person regarding how to use makeup.

She was featured in Deccanherald,Events High, Polka Cafe and TopIndianBloggers. She even walked the ramp for Max Fashion India.

Best Technology Blogs in India - Tech bloggers of India


He is a tech geek, loves blogging, fragments other tech problems and that too in most lucid and apt manner.

If you are thinking, is it ok to just be blogger despite being an engineer and still can get hefty earnings without regretting.?

Then founder of founder Srinivas tamadiya is your perfect example.

He covers almost every topic related to website development. Lately his has become one of the favorite destination for learning about something exciting.

With an estimated 200,000 visitors/month, is making a killing.

#2. Sprout24

It is inevitable to have someone dominating tech blogging sites but it was not smooth sailing for a co-founder of EasySendy Pro, Aritic Ankit who is the  passionate entrepreneur and full stack digital marketer.

He started his journey as a content writer then gradually mastered the nitty gritty of blogging and growth marketing.

If you want to be a blogger and earn good money but don't know how exactly you should approach then his blogs can be very handy for you.

In his blogs ( he gives very insightful knowledge for bloggers who wants to start something of their own.

His blogs are one of the very popular blogs for tech.

#3. Tech2Touch

If you don't have time to read an in-depth analysis of technology and reaching to a conclusion

And still looking for some reliable chunk of information for yourself to make your life easy, then this blog beautifully crafted by Aniruddha is your perfect solution.

In his blog, he not only covers reviews but also gives comprehensive tips and tricks .

He is an avid blogger and loves writing about gadgets, smartphones etc.

In today's evolving trends in technology this blog can make you very productive and if you are tech geek then you should bookmark his blog right now.

#4. Gadgetstouse

Abhishek is a well-known technology blogger. He owns various sites related to technology, the internet.

Although he is a software engineer but now works full time as a technical marketing consultant and technical blogger.

He loves fixing problems on computer software and other technical issues.

His blog updates you every news and reviews of latest technology and gadgets,

what I like most about his blog is that his team also makes the video review and complete analysis such as regression testing which comes really handy and helpful if you want to buy any electronic gadgets

#5. Dotnetjalps is a blogging site that is owned by developer, and a tech geek Jalpesh.

Jalpesh is always craving for knowledge and is willing to learn everything whenever he gets time from his regular job.

He is a passionate blogger and what I like most about him is his passion for learning new things.

I have followed him for some time now and I have realized myself that he has improved himself regularly.

If you think that he is just another coder who loves blogging than think again since he has been awarded as most valuable Microsoft professional for C# in 2010,2011,2012 and 2015.

He has also been awarded by Dzone for his favorite blog (

#6. BeforeWorks

BeforeWorks is all in one blog. I called it so because you can get anything and everything over here.

It provides funny, interesting as well as informative knowledge on travel related stuff, business, social media, technology, lifestyle or bollywood.

The most interesting thing that you can notice on his blog is that 24*7 breaking news for the viewers.

If you are looking for some entertainment then you can even view videos in his video section which are worth watching.

So now I don't think you have any reason for not to give a visit to his site.


Amit Agrawal is a well-known name among Indian bloggers.

He completed his engineering from reputed IIT college and was always among the top in his batch.

Many would think to end up their career as a successful engineer and earn handsome money, but that was not the path chosen by Amit.

He always knew about his passion for writing. He is one of the pioneer tech blogger.

He started his professional blogger journey in 2004., tech blogging site started by Amit.

This site focuses on evolving technology, customer reviews, tips, etc.

According to similar web, almost 17 million visitors go through his tech site

#8. Fonearena

If you are looking for smartphones or gadgets, and are still unaware of Varun Krishnan's tech blog,

then maybe you are hiding your identity on this planet and must be alien.

I'm just kidding (bear me) !!

Fonearena is one of the most dominant tech blogs and a popular destination for all tech geeks and enthusiasts. 

This popular tech blog updates you everything of the mobile world and not only just information rather their team brings all comparisons and testing to let you select most appropriate gadgets for you.

What I like most about Vikas Krishnan, he is himself the biggest fan of gadgets, and you won't believe he bought almost all phones available in the market to know about the perfect phone.

This anecdote shows his madness for gadgets, and if you are also mad over gadgets like me, then his tech blog is must visit for you.

#9. Guiding tech

Abhijeet Mukherjee loves blogging about tech and all technical stuff, and if you want to see his manifested love, then you should visit his tech blogging site guiding tech.

He is the founder and editor of tech blog guiding tech and already makes it so famous that attracts more than 3.6 million technical geeks 

and enthusiasts every month.Guiding Tech is part of online tech publication which writes stories about tech, science, and culture for the gyani person like me.

Apart from his own blog (guiding tech) Abhijeet has also written for some of the top blogs on this planet.

#10. online tech tips

If you want to be called as a tech geek among your friends and family and still puzzled, which blogging site to follow?

Then I am your messiah because onlinetechtips is your final destination.

Aseem Kishore founded this blog onlinetechtips which offers weekly computer tutorials, news, reviews and computing tech tips.

He is a professional blogger, living in Dallas.

He also holds a degree in computer science and mathematics, but his passion for writing eventually led him to pursue his professional path as a full-time professional blogger.

His blog will tell you comprehensive and insightful knowledge about technology in easy to understand language.

#11. Technology personalized

Technology personalized is a top tech blog which covers everything about technology, mainly focuses on consumer technology and gadgets.

What makes this tech blog different from others, they provide you platform as the forum where you can air your voices, opinions, knowledge and help each other in choosing right consumer technology.

The thought behind this idea is Raju, electronics engineer now pursuing his passion as a full-time blogger.

He was featured and covered in various popular magazines and was list as among 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit Magazine.

His tech blog technology personalized has also been featured in CHIP leading magazine.

He is also the editor of connected arena.

#12. Techmint

Techmint was founded by Ravi Salve and his team on 15th August 2012.

Ravi Salve is a computer geek and has more than 6+ years experience in open source and Linux technologies.

He started with the sole aim of providing apt information about different general queries made in the field of software.

He is being backed by a team of experts and professional from all around the globe.

Techmint has got a large social media following with about 12,000 twitter followers, and 2 LACS+ Facebook likes.

#13. was started by Arun Prabhudesai in May 2007.

Arun was an IT professional for more than a decade.

He mainly started this blog to keep readers up to date on the different business trends going around the globe.

Now Arun has a whole team who work for his blog. He even posts interviews from different personalities on his blog.

Started just as a blog, but now it is more diversified and multi-authored.

Apart from blogging he even loves photography and also loves to read political news.

He was even mentioned as one of the best bloggers of India by Times online.

#14. PhoneRadar

Phone Radar was founded by Amit Bhawani a few years back to report each

and everything about mobile and related stuff to the deepest and to keep updating readers about everything new that comes in the market.

Amit is the CEO and co-founder of Digital world solutions and is managing the company since late 2006.

Amit simply believes that there is a countless number of gadgets in tech arena but a large number is connected through mobile phones.

So he aims at giving detailed information about each and every mobile phone present.

#15. Techulator

Techulator was founded by Tony John a few years back.

Tony has received Microsoft MVP award for four consecutive years and has been Microsoft Technology advocate for 14 years.

He is a software professional and has masters in computer science.

He is founder of many popular websites such as, etc. and generates a combined traffic of more than 12 million from the total.

The primary purpose of this site is to cover a range of technology topics, and one of the features of tech calculator is that the members who contribute to the post get 90% of Google AdSense revenue from their pages.

#16. MobiPicker

MobiPicker is a site which provides you detailed information about the technical world.

Also, you can get to know on topics like Science, Entertainment, Games, Security, Social Media, the Internet, and much more.

It also helps you to know various tips and tricks and how to videos, processors, graphic cards, etc.

Once you visit this blog, you will never have to reach out to some other blog for the same topic.

So just sit back and stay relax. It publishes high-quality content which is worth your time. And it will add value to your knowledge.

#17. AndroidJunglee

AndroidJunglee, as the name suggests, is an Android blog which is handled by Shakti Naveen - The Founder of AndroidJunglee.

He is based out of Hyderabad and through his blog he wants to share his knowledge regarding Android.

AndroidJunglee was born in the year 2014 and has managed to gain popularity among many people.

Here you can get to know about new apps, reviews on Android phones, which are the best phones, deals and latest news.

So just add some value to your knowledge and become a pro after following this Android blog

Best Parenting Blogs in India - Popular Blogs of moms that you must follow

#1. My Little Moppets

How about getting tips on how to raise your babies from a doctor itself and that too from your home?

Dr. Hemapriya is here for you to guide you at each and every step. She runs her own blog called My Little Moppet.

With her genuine guidance, you can actually excel in parenting.

She has also started her own little brand new venture called Little Moppets Food.

It is a wholesome baby food which is very healthy for your babies.

Also, you can download her Ebook on Food recipes for babies.

So just lessen the burden from your shoulder and become a super awesome mommy with the help of Dr. Hemapriya.

#2. Shailajav

Shailaja, a mother to a lovely daughter is a passionate blogger, a full-time editor, and a freelance writer. She loves to write and give tips on parenthood.

Diary Of A Dotting Mom is one of the top five parenting blogs in India. She also writes fiction, nonfiction, and gives tips on blogging and writing, for The Moving Quill.

Since August 2007, shailjav is running quite successfully. Her work was even featured on The Huffington Post, WordPress Discover and many more places.

So stop pondering and start spending time on her blog to get some really amazing tips

#3. ArtsyCraftsyMom

In the long list of parenting blogs, Artsycraftsymom is one of the best blog if you are really looking for something valuable and interesting.

Shruti Bhat, is the owner of this blog who shares her ideas, tips and knowledge on arts and craft.

You can learn some easy and quick home recipes, parenting tips and creative art and craft ideas.

If you are a parent who wants to have an amazing experience with their kids then Artsycraftsymom is the right stop for you.

#4. BumpsnBaby

Bumps n Baby can be considered as a dictionary for mothers. I am sure all the mothers out their would be thankfull to Sangeetha Menon - The lady behind Bumps n Baby.

She was an Electrical and Electronics engineer who realised that her passion was blogging and so she presented her passion to the world

through one of the best parenting blog - Bumps n Baby.

You can get to know about different baby products, home recipes and food charts for your small ones and much more.

She was also featured in the talk show of ‘100 Women Series’ by Global BBC News. She is the ultimate inspiration for all mommies.

Want to know more about this amazing blog, plunge to or you can even download free android app for Bumps n Baby.

#5. Sakshi Nanda

Sakshi Nanda is an amazing personality who did her Masters in English Literature, and now she is successfully running her blog called

She had her two publishing house as well but then came the time when she developed her interest in blogging.

Apart from blogging, she is a book critic and a columnist.

She was awarded as the best blogger in Pan India Blogging Contest. Also, she won Notable Newbie Award by

Her beautifully written post Human Rights and Mental Health, picked by Amnesty International, was considered as one of the three favorites post from 6000 posts from 130 countries

#6. Yellow Mellow Life

What is YellowMellowLife? It is a blog handled by Bhawna, who is a multi-talented women.

She is mother, a wife, a blogger, a content creator and collaborator, a cleanliness freak, a runner and many more roles are played by her.

She has worked with many of the great brands like Kellogg's, Horlicks, Sunfeast, AskMe, Odonil, MooShake, CashKaro and many others.

In her blogs she has very beautifully described her journey from Delhi to Chicago to Bangalore and to London.

Once you will go through her blogs you will indulge into them so deeply that you will feel you are watching a movie or reading a book.

Best Lifestyle Blogs of India - Beauty, Makeup and more

#1. MissMalini, the friend of millions of people out there on the Internet is well known and successfully running blog.

The face behind this blog is THE UBIQUITOUS - Malini Agarwal ( Co-Founder and Creative Director at Miss Malini)

Malini started this blog in the year 2008 with her roommates. She decided to give words to her thoughts and interests, and probably this was her best decision.

The content that she curates with her teammates is worth your time because they just can't afford to miss any of the details.

At you can enjoy, gossip, entertain yourself and read about fashion and lifestyle.

You can even catch them on youtube and TLC every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Don't miss out this fun from your life, just plunge to and see what all fun do they have for you in their box.

Also, see what all the big Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and many more have to say about it.

#2. I am Girly

Iswarya, a 25 years old young lady is the person behind iamgirly blog. She started with iamgirly in the year 2012 after doing a great research work on fashion and beauty.

She is a graduate in visual communication and resides in Kerala. She is a blogger by passion and banker by profession.

She is currently in SBI, SAM Branch, Coimbatore as Assistant Banker.

Her blog totally focuses on girls and their needs. It provides information on best beauty products, online makeup tutorials, tips and tricks on fashion.

It is recommended to visit her blog if you are keen in fashion and makeup.

#3. ChicLifeByte

ChicLifeByte is one of the best blogs on lifestyle and is an ultimate option if you want some valuable knowledge and tips on fashion, food, and beauty.

It is a booming blog, owned by Nidhi Arora (Founder of ChicLifeByte) and Shilpa Arora (Co-Founder of ChicLifeByte).

Nidhi Arora - The Founder has achieved a lot in her life, she has a salon of her own called The Soft Touch which is running very successfully.

Their blogs are so interesting and captivating that you can't resist yourself from reading them regularly.

The beauty tips that are mentioned by them on their sites are so promising.

So if you are looking for some good experience in lifestyle then head on to ChicLifeByte.

#4. Be For Beauty

Be For Beauty started in the year 2014 by Manavi and Siddhanti. She worked as a writer and editor at India Today Group.

The Co-Founder of Be For Beauty - Pragati Siddhanti left her job and relocated to Switzerland.

You can visit their website and have a look at beauty tips, some hair hacks, make-up tips and DIY hacks as well.Apart from beauty related tips, Be for

Beauty are for you to share their experience on Traveling as well as Food.

The best brands they have worked with are - Loreal, Ponds, Lakme,

Asianpaints, Myntra, Koovs, Jabong and many more.

You can check out on their website, the views of CEO's and Beauty Experts on Be For Beauty.

#5. Colorific

Megha Jain and Akshita Jain are the faces behind Colorific. Its an Indian Fashion and Beauty blog.

It provides detailed reviews on cosmetic and beauty products, shopping destinations, e commerce, homemade beauty remedies, some tips on styling and shopping , and much more.

Apart from fashion and beauty related tips you can get to know some interesting things related to food and drinks.

They are also a member of IndiBlogger.

You can check out their reviews, tips, stories and experiences in food and fashion

#6. MissweirdAndNormal

MissWeirdAndNormal is a daunting blog on Fashion, Home Decor, Food, Technology, Gaming and Finance.

Clementia D'souza is a finance professor, foodie, blogger and a tech freak who loves to write.

She call herself as weird and normal and therefore she named the blog so.

Her main aim is to make a difference in this world and be a reason for someone's smile.

With her writings she has inspired life of many people. She has gained popularity among many people of all the generations.

So whether you like gaming, you are a tech freak or you like to be trendy, you can follow her and her blog for all types of suggestions and informations.

#7. Reviewwali

Lets welcome reviewwali - an awe-inspiring blog where Vishakha who is the owner of Reviewwali will let you all know about her experiences in shopping, make-up,movies, travel and food.

If you are a foodie or makeup addict or love traveling and shopping then Reviewwali is here to make your experience even more interesting and entertaining.

She is totally inclined towards makeup and tries new makeup products every month.

She infact provides reviews on every product that she uses.

All the beauty and fashion tips that she provides are quite promising.

Best Personal Finance Blogs - Investment blogs you must follow

#1. Taxguru

With an estimated traffic of 1.9million visiters, is the best online site which provides free updates to company secretaries, tax professional, chartered accountants

and another account professional on amendments in revenue, MVAT, DVAT, business law, labor law, GST and much more.

They even provide many useful forms of the laws mentioned above and rules in pdf and excel format.

All the doubts and queries that one can have over any of the topics such as income, tax and related stuff one could easily get it cleared from her.

#2. BasuVinesh

Basu Vinesh is a financial blogger from Guledagudd a small town of Bagalkot district in North Karnataka.

The main motto of Basu to start a blog was to educate people so that they can manage their own financial life and be aware of bad financial services.

Basu has completed his CFP certification which is a mark of his excellence in the field of finance.

He even has got an enormous social following with a 3,577 Facebook likes and 404573 monthly page visits.

His firm belief is that with a strong education in this field many misleading pieces of advice can be avoided.

#3. Apnaplan

Amit kumar is the mind behind

He is an MBA from NITIE, Mumbai and has done his graduation from Delhi University.

He has also completed his NCFM certifications from NSE.

Currently, he is working in one of the leading credit card companies.

He started his blog just as a hobby but soon converted it into a financial advising firm.

Apart from blogging he also loves reading other blogs, watching business news TV channel.

His main aim behind the article is to educate people in this field through his blog posts.

We admire his thinking and a big thumbs up to him.

#4. GetMoneyRich

Mani started Getmoneyrich during 2007 just as a hobby but soon started it as full time in 2008.

His basic motivation came from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyoski which was gifted by his father to him way back in 2003.

He mainly wanted financial freedom and wanted to write everything related to finance.

He is a finance enthusiast and loves reading.

He only believes in the saying of Warren Buffet that "Investment is a necessity, it's not an option."

He believes in improving himself and keeps on working towards it.


Harsh Beniwal started the Financial literate or way back in 2009.

He is a management graduate, and before starting his blog, he worked for about eight years with different organizations.

He belives that it is very necessary to educate people as it is tough for common people to identify that what is right and what is misleading.

He belives education is the only way through which this problem could be solved.

His articles on different financial topics have been featured in many newspapers, and he was also called up for Doordarshan's "Money Plant Show" talking about retirement and financial planning.

He also has a keen interest in research and analysis of different financial products.

#6. Wealthymatters

Keerthika Singaravel founded in 2011.

The blog post was created by Keerthika to guide people through the fundamental question such as how to make money?how to grow it?how to spend it?

Keerthika will address all such issues on her blog.

She keeps reading and exploring about new terminologies related to finance.

She was even mentioned as one of the best bloggers by many different forums and websites.

#7. Capitalmind

Want to upgrade your knowledge regarding Financial Market and Indian Stock market? Follow this amazing blog - where you can get thorough knowledge about finance.

It is a team of 7 members behind this knowledgeable blog and the one who makes it possible to achieve goals is Deepak Shenoy.

It provides guidance to beginners in the financial market. Also, the way they present content in front of you is something very appreciable.

You can view webinars, view ques & answer series, How to videos, and much more.

They also provide you with an opportunity to become their members so that you can watch the premium posts which are outstanding and worth it.

So even if you are Pro or just a beginner in the financial market its worth your time and make sure that you take their premium membership.

#8. BachatKhata

Gopal Gidwani is the face behind

Gopal Gidwani born and brought up in Pune has done his graduation from Ness Wadia College of Commerce apart from that he has also done his NCFM certifications in dealers, derivatives, commodities, AMFI and NSDL Modules.

He has also worked in many different MNC's such as Infosys, ICICI Bank, Global Talent rank and much more.

He mainly writes about personal financial planning, Investments, children's education planning, marriage planning and much more related to this niche.

He was even featured in many Television interviews by the different news channel and media houses.

Best Book Blogs - Book Review blogs in India

#1. Confessions of a Readaholic

Have you ever thought of writing about a book that you have already read?

Yes, Aman Mittal is doing the same.

Aman is a Delhi boy and loves to talk about books all the time.

He likes to review books, interview author and can talk about all of this 24*7.

His reviews have been published in many of the media houses, newspaper and daily magazines such as brunch(a weekly magazine of Hindustan Times).

Apart from writing reviews, he also writes poem.

We appreciate his efforts.

#2. The Whimsy Book worm

Pooja or you may even call her a whimsy book blogger.

Pooja is a Mumbaikar and started her blog to express her love for books.

Live the present moment to the fullest that is what she believes in.

She is a book addict and is proud to admit that.

She even has a huge social media following to be particular a huge Instagram following(1696)...!

She keeps updating her blog whenever she reads a new book

The way she loves her work is commendable.

Best inspiring blogs in India 

#1. Vidya Sury

Vidya Sury, naam to suna hi hoga? She is a blogger, an editor and a writer as well.

She loves to write inspiring things about Parenting, travel, happiness and much more.

She wants to spread smiles on faces through her writings. Currently she is running six blogs of her own.

She has her own non-fiction book called "The

Complete Health Guide for Women"

She has achieved so much in life and I am sure their is lot to go.She won in the Memoirs category at the Indibloggers Indian Blogger Awards in 2013.

Her Be Healthy, Be Happy blog was voted as best health and fitness blog in 2015

#2. Womensweb

Women's Web is the blog that is targeted to spread the idea of women empowerment. So if you also support the same thing then trust me you gonna love it.

It started in the year 2010 as a media tech company which aims at producing high-quality content that is quite inspiring.

It is an amazing platform where women can share their stories and give visibility to their idea.

It inspires women from every domain of life, by offering information on work, family, entrepreneurship, social issues, and much more than this.

It also got featured in Women's influencer: Biz Divas, A Space for women: Deccan Chronicle, Women icons: Pepper TV.

So if you want to get inspired or share your story then do visit this site now.

Best Sports Blog in India

#1. Cricmatez

If you are a Cricket lover just like me then you will love what I am about to tell you people.

Cricmatez is an ultimate destination where you can get to know insights, analysis and other details of domestic and international cricket matches.

With cricmatez you can get to know all Cricket news and the best part is that all the posts and news are updated frequently and time to time.

This is an amazing blog to stop by and have a look

#2. Sportskeeda

Does your friends call you a sports keeda? Do you love sports more than anything else?

Then Sportskeeda is a platform where you can connect with people with similar interest. Who is the face behind Sportskeeda?

Its Porush Jain who is the founder and CEO of Sportskeeda.

Here you can get to know everything from Football to Cricket to Badminton to Basketball to Hockey to Kabaddi and the list doesn't ends.

You can even get to know live scores and watch videos.Isn’t that Amazing?

If sports excites you then from now on, consider Sportskeeda as your Bible.

Best Political Blogs in India

#1. Sabhlokcity

Sabhlokcity, Wondering why is it named so? Let me tell you about the reason behind its name.

Sabhlokcity is a blog which belongs to Sabhlok Family - Sanjeev Sabhlok, Prem Sabhlok, Smita Sabhlok, Sukrit Sabhlok, Varun Sabhlok and Ajay Sabhlok.

It aims at delivering you meaningful and correct information about politics. You can even view videos here.

Some of the published books you can have a look over here are : Discovery of Freedom, Hindu Capitalism, The Truth about Modi,etc

Book published by Sanjeev Sabhlok' s father : Vedic Metaphysics

#2. Raag Desh

In a multilingual and multi-cultured country like India, three things which unite us are Cricket, Bollywood, and Politics.

It is no surprise for us that post-independence, politics primarily became popular in India because of some very accomplished and passionate journalists.

One such journalist is Qamar Wahid Naqvi who is very well known face in Indian politics.

He has started to reach out to the public by his insightful voice in his blog also.

Qamar Wahid Naqvi's blog already reached out to the heart of public who is looking for authentic information on politics.

For those people who doesn't know him, he was one of the founding members of popular TV network AAJ TAK and also worked for INDIA TV.

He has got 35 years of experience in politics that make it very clear that how useful his blog can be for you if you are looking for politics news.

Media Section

Best News and Media Blogs in India

#1. Yourstory

YourStory is India's no. 1 media technology platform for entrepreneurs. It was founded by 2008 by Shradha Sharma who is CEO and Chief Editor.

The concept and basic idea behind YourStory is to involve growing startups to join an active network of entrepreneurs.

It offers marketing and branding to these startups.

It has published an unusual number of stories - 41,000 and provided networking opportunities to 50,000 entrepreneurs.

So if you are an entrepreneur or want to become a one, then YourStory is here to build your network with like minded people

and help you to establish your startup and create a brand image of your startup by covering your story.

#2. Newspatrolling

Newspatrolling, the name says it all. It is an Indian news website. It is a full-fledged guide for all the news lover.

It covers all category of news from Politics to Entertainment to Sports to Lifestyle to Technology.

It aims at creating high-quality content which is for the audience.

You can also watch videos, have a look at amazing images and many more things.

So become a regular reader of, and you won't be short of knowledge ever.

Best blogs about Blogging

#1. ShoutMeLoud

Shoutmeloud is the best community of blogger which was started by Harsh Agrawal in the year 2008.

He received his degree in Engineering from Sharda University.

He also turned down his job offer from Accenture just in order to follow his passion and this was the turning point of his life.

He believes blogging is the best medium to share your ideas. He has achieved a lot in his early age, he even got Entrepreneurship Award for his blog ShoutMeLoud.

His blog provides deeper insight into the concept of blogging, how to make money online, SEO, Affiliate marketing, and much more than this.

His concepts and fundas have always helped me to remain crystal clear with my concepts.

#2. Update Land

If you are a blogger or if you want to learn digital marketing then Updateland is for you.

It is a very well established blog, handled by Jyoti Chauhan who is a Junior Engineer, SEO and a Blogger by passion.

Presently she is pursuing BCA from IGNOU. In 2011, she started her career in New India Solutions as SEO Executive.

Through Updateland, she wants to share all the tips and tricks that she has learned being an SEO Executive.

Updateland is an excellent compilation of SEO tips, WordPress related information, Internet Marketing and Blogging.

Its commendable that such a young age she has managed to run a successful blog like this

#3. MyMagicFunda

MyMagicFundas is an excellent blog which is handled by Nirmala who is an Engineering graduate.

She thought to earn money online, and so she started blogging in the year 2009.

She loved to write, and therefore she started writing at but in 2010 her site was severely hit, and she lost all the traffic.

She then joined a Facebook group and got inspired by a blogger named Atish Ranjan, and then MyMagicFundas got famous.

Through this blog, she shares information regarding technology, social media, make money online ideas and blogging.

Phew, finally the list ends :D. Well not now, we will keep updating this list of best and top blogger in india for even more categories in the future. So bookmark this page and keep checking back for new updates.

It took us a lot of time to curate (20 man hours combined) and present this information and hence the least we can ask for  you is to share this post with your friends. In this list of Best blogs and top blogger in india  we might have missed someone, if you know then please share their website address in comments section.

If you found this article helpful, or maybe today I introduced you to a new blogger that you might have liked then kindly tweet to them that you found him/her through Check out our other amazing articles in our Blog Section.

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