Best Credit Cards in India (Updated June 2018)

Being a heavy credit card user myself, I will give you the best recommendation for best credit card in india 2018.

I always keep myself updated with latest offers, happenings, schemes and rewards related to credit cards in India

Hence the list is well researched and the recommendations are top notch. #2 is my personal favorite, you will love it.

So without wasting any time, lets start with the list and help you find out which credit card is best for you 🙂

best credit cards in india


Best Credit cards in India - Top 10 credit cards in India (2018)

If you don't want to read the one by one credit card reviews, then you can directly click on my best recommendations and sign up for these credit cards and enjoy the benefits 🙂

So which is the best credit card in india?

Among the 50+ cards in this list, Here are the best credit cards : 


Also check out our article on best virtual credit card in india if you are looking for one.

To make it easy for you to compare credit cards india, i have divided these credit cards in various categories so that you can easily find the one that suits you the best. 

Also, i have added the Annual charges, rewards and best credit card offers for each one.

Best Offers

​​​​​​​​​​​​#1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

  • If dining out, going for shopping, or online purchasing is what you love, then this credit card is for you.
  • With every transaction you make reward points are provided to you. On many occasions even cash back is provided to benefit you.
  • When you go for buying your groceries in a supermarket you will get 5% cashback. Food Bazaar, Reliance Fresh , Big Bazaar along with others are included in this offer. You just have to make a minimum purchase  of Rs 1,000
  • You even get cashback if you make other transactions other than in supermarkets.
  • A cashback of INR 500 is provided monthly with the maximum of INR 150 cashback in a single transaction you make.
  • The point to be kept in mind is that you have to make minimum purchase of INR 1000.
  • The monthly rate of interest is 3.1% and oversees transactions are charged 3.5% per transaction
Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

on Standard Chartered's Secure Website

Annual Fees

The annual fee of 1st year is INR 499 only.

From 2nd year onwards the fee is INR 999.

However, if you spend more than INR 30000, you get the fee waiver as well.



5X reward points are provided to you if you spend on hotel bills, air tickets, fuel bills and dining.

Joining Perks

This credit card if a viable option for people whose annual spending is approximately INR 1 lac- INR 2 lac.

​​​​​​​​​​​​#2. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium

  • If you like saving more on every transaction made by your card, then this standard credit card will be the best one. Every perk on one side this card allows you to enjoy super savings each time you get your card swiped.
  • You save a 5% on every fuel bill across every fuel station, telephone bills, and utility bills. For a minimum transaction of 750 INR, you can get a cashback of up to 100 INR.
  • You get to enjoy discounts and offers on dining, shopping, travel, and many more with this credit card in your pocket.
  • This card allows you to roam cashless with its fast checkouts and secured payments.
  • If you buy anything over 5,000 INR you can convert the payment into easy payable EMIs. You can also enjoy great pricing.
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium

on Standard CharteredS ecure Website

Annual Fees

This card asks a mere 750 INR as the joining fees. Moreover, the annual fees for the second year remain the same which is 750 INR. But the premium clients having this card are not charged with any annual fees. This fee is waivered off if you spend more than 60,000 INR in a year.



For every 150 INR, you spend from your credit card you get 1 reward point. This reward point will be awarded to you if you buy something apart from fuel and phone & utility bills.

Joining Perks

The foreign exchange markup fees of this card are 3.5% + service tax

  • This card is the ICICI gemstone collection card that helps you enjoy benefits on shopping, dining, movie tickets, and travel throughout the year.
  • The card holder gets 8 complimentary lounge access in most of the major and minor Indian Airports.
  • This card enables you to enjoy a lot of attractive deals on dining, entertainment, travel and shopping throughout the globe.
  • The card holders can enjoy PAYBACK rewards from various online partners including Big Bazaar, Make My Trip, HPCL and many more.
  • Enjoy 2 complimentary tickets every month on Buy 1 get 1 free scheme.
  • This is definitely my recommendation for best icici credit card in India.
ICICI Coral American Express Credit Card-min

on ICICI Secure Website

Annual Fees

The card charges just 500 INR + GST as a joining fee. For the first year, you don’t have to pay anything as an annual fee. The annual fee is charged for the second year which is 500 INR. If the client spends more than 150000 INR in a year the annual fee is reversed.



You are awarded 2 PAYBACK points for every 100 INR spent on fuel, 3 PAYBACK points on 100 INR spent on any online transaction, 1 PAYBACK point for every 100 spent on utility and insurance.

Joining Perks

For a new customer who procures this credit card, ICICI bank offers a Provogue tie to them.

  • This card is a key to a lot of savings if you travel to places very often.
  • The card holder can enjoy various benefits by booking your travel with Make My Trip.
  • You get 5000 Membership reward points after the first renewal. These points will be credited to your account within 90 days of the first renewal.
  • The card holder can buy gold ranging from 18 – 24 carat, by redeeming their points.
  • You get 1000 membership points after 6 transactions of 1000 INR and 1 membership point on every 50 INR spent.
American Express Gold Card

on American Express Secure Website

Annual Fees

The card has an annual fee of INR 1000+ taxes and from the second year the renewal fee raises up to 4500 plus taxes. But trust me this money is worth paying for this card.



For every 6 transactions of 1000 INR made by this card you get 1000 membership points and for every 50 INR spent you are awarded 1 membership point.

Joining Perks

If you use the card thrice in first 60 days, you are awarded with 4000 bonus membership rewards as the joining perk.

​Low CIBIL Score

  • ​There are 24 million outlets where you can freely use the SBI Unnati Credit Card, including 3, 25,000 outlets in India.
  • You can empower your family with the add-on cards with the help of SBI Unnati Credit Card.
  • You can use this credit card to withdraw cash from more than 1 million ATMs across the globe.
  • Using the easy bill pay facility on your card you can pay mobile bills, electricity, telephone, and other utility bills.
  • If you spend 500 INR to 3000 INR on fuel stations, you get a waiver of 1% fuel surcharges.
  • The attractive reward programs in this card allow you to earn 1 reward point on every 100 INR spent by you.
  • If you use the card to pay out 50,000 INR in a year, you will be given a cashback of 500 INR.  

​SBI Unnati Credit Card

on ​​​SBI's Secure Website

This might not be the best credit card, but this is surely the best sbi credit card in india when we talk about people having low cibil score. So if you have query for which sbi credit card is best for you then this might be one for you, if you have low cibil score.

Annual Fees

There is no annual fee for the first 4 years.



You get 1% fuel surcharges waived off if you spend 500 INR to 3000 INR for your fuel.

Joining Perks

You do not have to pay any fee for the first 4 years.

#2. MoneyTap

  • Here are the credit card features:
  • 100% cash withdrawal credit card
  • Instant funds transfer to your bank account
  • 24x7 global money access
  • 1+1 Free movie tickets, Fuel surcharge waiver, Value back on shopping, Deals on food.
  • Reward points on every transaction
  • 2000 rewards points on first swipe
moneytap credit card

on Moneytap Secure Website

Annual Fees

Rs. 499+GST (gets waived off on the usage of more than ₹1 Lakh)



Get great discounts on fuel, food, and entertainment. Additional reward points for every transaction.

Joining Perks

Get 2000 reward points on the first transaction (can be redeemed for flight tickets, hotel stays, select merchandise, shopping vouchers, and mobile recharges)


If you are in a business, then finding which credit card is best in india can be difficult and this list will help you make your decision easier 🙂

  • The card is meant for the people, who want to earn while shopping. This is the unique concept followed by HDFC Bank.
  • Due to cashback and reward points number of people has come together to join hands with HDFC. You get reward points on every purchase you make.
  • You get 2 reward point on every INR 150 spent on retail purchase, and 2X reward points on other expenditure.
  • The value of 100 reward points is INR 30. You can redeem the reward points as a cashback, if you want.
  • This is by far the best hdfc credit card in india for business people.

HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card

on ​​HDFC's Secure Website

Annual Fees

There are zero annual fees that you need to pay.



​A fuel surcharge of INR 250 is provided on every billing

Joining Perks

​You get the free interest rate period of 50 days from the date your card is activated.

  • With SBI Signature Card you can earn benefits worth INR 30,000 yearly.
  • You get 10 points on every INR 100 spent on dining, grocery and international transaction, and 2 points on other transactions.
  • Furthermore, you receive the annual award of 10,000 as a bonus on spending INR 2 lac – INR 4 lac annually.
  • If in case you get to spend more than INR 5 lac a bonus reward of 20,000 points is provided.
  • The value of 1 reward point is INR 0.25
  • This is another best sbi credit card for business people.

SBI Elite credit Card

on ​SBI's Secure Website

Annual Fees

You need to pay annual fee of INR 4999



You are provided with the 2 free movie tickets every month from BookMyShow.

Joining Perks

​A welcome gift worth INR 5000 is provided to you, which makes the annual fee negligible.

  • The card gives you an easy and secure way to pay by tapping your card on the terminal that is accepting your card.
  • The card is very flexible when it comes to the payment or setting EMIs.
  • The chip and pin technology in the card make it a more secure and protected card while using.
  • For a card member to pay the bill, this card enables the payment through cheque / NEFT/ RTGS.
  • Whatever reward points you earn, they are never expiring which in turn gives the customer a leverage to keep collecting it for future use.
  • You can save up to 15% on dining across the country.
  • This is best citi credit card for travel enthusiast.

CitiBank Corporate Credit Card

on ​SBI's Secure Website

Annual Fees

There are no such annual fees. But whatever the fee will be taken will be commuted to you during the issuing of the card.



You get 2 reward points on every purchase of 125 INR. You can redeem points for air tickets, hotel stays, bus tickets, and other merchandise. The reward points are never expiring.

Joining Perks

You can get exciting offers and vouchers.


Who doesnt love cashback right? I love it when i am buying an expensive item and i can get 10%-20% cashback. This is why this list of best cashback credit card india is for you. Thank me in the comments section below.

  • It is a perfect credit card for the people who want to shop in Lifestyle stores.
  • Standard Charted Titanium Card is globally accepted, therefore, you can shop freely anywhere at your ease.
  • The bank has provided the facility of making the card payments online or through cheques for your convenience.
  • Extending the benefits the bank allows you to purchase the railway tickets and the airline tickets in a hassle free manner.
  • The monthly interest rates are 3.1% which amount to 37.20% annually.
  • If you make the payment of outstanding amount in the same month, you will not be required to pay the interest.

Standard Chartered Inner Circle Titanium Credit Card

on Standard Chartered's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  You don’t need to pay the annual fee at all and the admission fee is also zero.
  • Reward Bonus: If you make use of this card at Auchan Stores, you are liable to get the 5% cashback. Get a chance to redeem the points gathered at Lifestyle stores.
  • Joining Perks: You get the discount voucher of INR 2500 on subscription.
  • For all the payments you do in dining and buying movie tickets, you are given 10% cashback.
  • You can avail a maximum of 600 INR in each billing cycle of your card.
  • This card is really high on cashback.
  • You can enjoy Amazon offers on your card.
  • You can also earn free PVR movie tickets.
  • You get 1.8% surcharges waiver on every transaction done through and 2.5% on every counter booking at Indian Railways.

Delight Platinum Credit Card – Kotak

on Standard Chartered's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual fee for the first year will be 1999 INR and from the second year onwards you will have to pay 250 INR.
  • Reward Bonus: You get 10% cashback on dining in the restaurant and movie tickets. You can avail a maximum of 600 INR cashback in a billing cycle.
  • Joining Perks: There are no such joining perks.
  • The best thing about this card is its cashback offers. The Axis Bank Neo Credit Card provides a lot of cashback in a wide array of expenditure.
  • If you purchase any good worth 500 INR or more on Myntra you get 10% off on the total bill.
  • You get to earn 2 points on every 200 INR you spend using your credit card.
  • You can avail 10% cashback on mobile recharges through freecharge. Maximum up to 30 INR.
  • The card holder can enjoy 10% off on every bus ticket booked through Redbus. Maximum up to 100 INR.

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

on Axis BankSecure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The first year fee for this card is 250 INR which will be reverted if you do a purchasing of 4500 INR or above. From the second year onwards you will definitely have to pay 250 INR without a waiver.
  • Reward Bonus: You get to enjoy 10% cashback / off on Jabong, redbus, bookmyshow, and Freecharge.
  • Joining Perks: You get a gift voucher of Jabong worth 500 INR, and Bookmyshow worth 300 INR.
  • If you belong to the clan of people, who love the comfort of their home and want the transactions to be done completely online then this cashback card of Citibank is for you.
  • You earn the cashback reward on every transaction. You get to pay the utility bills online without facing any trouble.
  • When you buy the movie tickets than get 5% cash back on every purchase you make.
  • Furthermore, get 5% cashback on telephone payments, and 0.5% cashback on every other transaction.
  • The cashback limit is set to INR 100 per month, though.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

on Citibank's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual fee of INR 500 must be paid to get access to this card.
  • Reward Bonus: You can redeem the cashback in multiples of INR 500
  • Joining Perks: Get credit of Rupees 500 in your statement.

Salaried Person

Let me tell you about the absoluet best credit card in india for salaried person. Make sure you check them out all and also click the signp link and get one for yourself.

  • If you are searching for a card that serves all your purposes than HDFC Regalia card is the best choice to make.
  • With this card you get almost all the offers and discounts all over the world.
  • The bank provides the decent reward rate, free access to the lounge.
  • Also you get the low foreign currency markup fees on every international transaction you make.
  • Get Airport Lounge Access as well since you are getting the priority pass membership.
  • This is bar far the best hdfc credit card recommendation for salaried people.
HDFC Regalia Credit Card

on ​HDFC's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  Usually the card is provided without annual fee.
  • Reward Bonus: 5X rewards are provided with number of merchants and various other offers for you. Generally, reward rate is 1.6%
  • Joining Perks: No such joining perks. The card itself has so many amazing benefits 🙂
  • You will be getting 15% off on selected dining franchise.
  • You can avail exciting offers on leading brands.
  • You get to earn reward points on every transaction made in a fuel station. Each point here is work 0.25 INR
  • You can also avail reward points on shopping at selected partners. Each point here is work 0.30 rupees.
  • You can earn points each time you travel via airplane. 
Platinum Credit Card- Citibank

on Citibank Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  There are no joining or renewal fees associated with it.
  • Reward Bonus: Earn 5x reward points you spend on different merchandise outlets that include some top-notch restaurants and shopping stores.
  • Joining Perks: There are no such joining perks to be happy or excited about.
  • If you own this card you can earn 10 dining points on a total purchase of 5000 on dining as well as movies.
  • 1 dining point is equal to 1 INR.
  • The dining points are given on first 5 dining and movie tickets that are worth 600 INR.
  • The points of one cycle year are transferred to next if not used in that year.
  • You can easily transfer your balance instantly. Just call the helpline number and the transfer will be done.
  • The processing fee for every 10,000 INR transfer is 349 INR.
Feast Gold Credit Card – Kotak

on Kotak Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual charge for this card is 499 INR.
  • Reward Bonus: You can earn dining points with this card which will give you an off on dining.
  • Joining Perks: There are no as such joining perks related to this card.

​Low Interest Rate

  • ​The card holder can avail up to 10 lakh rupees from this credit card.
  • You can have fun with the unlimited access to 700 airport lounges across the world.
  • You will not have to pay any markup fees on foreign currency.
  • The card holders also get the access to various golf courses around the globe.
  • You can also enjoy a waiver on fuel surcharges.
  • You can redeem your reward points for movie tickets and travel.

​HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

on ​HDFC's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  A standard annual fee of 10,000 is charged. Then the annual membership renewal is also charged the same from 2nd year onwards. 
  • Reward Bonus: You earn 2x points whenever you use your card for booking flight tickets movie tickets, hotel stay, and recharging your mobile/ DTH.
  • Joining Perks: You get the benefits of Taj Epicure Plus Plan and Inner Circle Gold Membership when you get this card for yourself.The card holders also receive a complimentary Club Vistara Gold membership for themselves.

#2. ​​State Bank of India UBI Advantage Card

  • ​The payment of this card is really flexible.
  • The interest rate on this card is really low it is as low as 1.75%.
  • The card enhances your purchasing power with its great deals and offers.
  • The SBI UBI Advantage Card gives you travel benefits
  • There are mega value offers on the cards and the card holder can also get IAPA membership
  • Interest Rate as Low as 1.75%


on ​SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The joining fee of the card is just 250 INR. The annual fee from the first year completion onwards will be 1500 INR.  
  • Reward Bonus: Under the special reward program for every 125 INR spent, you earn 1 point.  The card holder can enjoy three advantages including, fee waiver, attractive gifts for your family and yourself, and availing discounts on the leading brands.
  • Joining Perks: The card has a low-interest rate.

Lifetime FREE

In this list i will show you the best credit card in india with no annual fee. Yes, you can still get a credit card without even paying the annual fees. Check them out.

So check out these best FREE credit cards in India :

  • To avail this credit card there is no need of credit history. You need to provide the security of fixed deposit to the bank for securing the card.
  • You need to provide minimum of INR 20,000 and it has to be kept for at least 180 days. Overdue will be charged at the interest of 2.49% monthly which compounds to 29.885 annually.
  • The interest will be charged only if you make a part payment or nil payment. On the off chance you pay the full outstanding no interest will be charged.
  • If you make INR 4000 transaction at HPCL pumps, you can avail the fuel surcharge of 2.5%.
  • The main point that should be noted is that it is not issued to the minors and the foreign citizens.
  • If you are a shopaholic this is an ideal card. You can also get 15% discount on all the leading restaurants.
ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card

on ICICI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  You do not have to pay annual fee. It is zero
  • Reward Bonus: You are also awarded the movie ticket worth INR 200 every month. Also earn the reward points and redeem them for cash.
  • Joining Perks: No such joining perks as this Lifetime free credit card already has amazing benefits.
  • On every 125 INR spent by you on apparel and departmental stores, you are awarded 10 reward points.
  • On every other purchase, you keep getting 1 reward point for every 125 INR spent.
  • The points awarded to you once will never expire. So you can keep collecting them for something big.
  • You can redeem points by buying attractive offers that include air miles, cashback, premium merchandise, and holiday.
  • You can enjoy 15% discount at various restaurants throughout India.
  • Opt for easy EMIs on more than 2000 electronic shops
Citi Bank Rewards Card

on Citibank Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  There is no joining fee but you will have to pay 1000 INR as your first annual fee. The amount remains the same for later years as well.
  • Reward Bonus: You get 10x points on every 125 INR spent by you on apparels as well as any departmental stores.  You are also awarded 1 reward point each time you pay 125 INR for any other purchase.
  • Joining Perks: You are awarded 1500 bonus points on any purchase you make within 30 days of card issue. Then you also get 1000 bonus points on spending first 1000 INR in first 60 days.
  • This card comes with a plenty of saving options and attractive features as well.
  • If the card holder uses this card to make a payment on any fuel station in India, they get redeemable cash points which can be used as a cash return or translated to rebates.
  • For people who love to travel to different places and live a free life, this card will suit you the best as wherever you go, this card will provide you with attractive offers and benefits on dining and hotels, both in India as well as abroad.
  • For every 150 INR, you spend you are awarded 2 cash points (every time). You can utilize these points in paying the dues of the card or purchase anything big.
  • This card gives you the leverage to enjoy amut of opulent lifestyle perks in which you get to enjoy vacations, golfing, movie tickets, events and more.
Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Credit Card

on Standard Chartered Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  You will be charged mere 300 INR as a joining fee for this credit card. There is no annual fee for the first year but from the second year onwards, 750 INR is charged for this card.
  • Reward Bonus: For every 150 INR spent on food in a restaurant or food joint you are awarded 5 reward points. Each time you spend 150 INR on fuel you are awarded 5 reward points. And every time you spend 150 INR on hotel booking you are again awarded 5 points.
  • Joining Perks: The joining perk for this card is that you will have to pay just 399 during joining and there is no annual fee for the first year.
  • This is an easy to manage card as tracking it is really easy. With tracking I mean to say tracking all the payments, perks and installments.
  • The card has a contactless technology build inside. This helps in secure and easy payment on various retail shops.
  • The risk of fraud is raising in the world to keep you secure the card is fitted with a secure chip card.
  • You can redeem your reward points for exciting gifts and vouchers. The rewards are powered by PAYBACK.
  • The surcharges of fuel a waived off.
ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card

on ICICI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The joining fee for this card is as low as 199 INR plus service taxes. If you purchase things worth 2000 INR then this fee is also reverted to you. From the 2nd membership year the annual fee is 99 INR and if your bill exceeds 50000 INR then this fee is also waived off.
  • Reward Bonus: Earn 2 PAYBACK points on every expenditure worth rupees 100 or more on any retail shop except fuel.
  • Joining Perks: The joining fee is such low and the renewal fee is also very low.

Online Shopping

Looking for the best credit card for shopping? or best rewards credit card in india,  well then my recommendations (after careful research) will definitely help you.

  • If you are like me who loves online shopping, then this credit card will make you fall in love with itself.
  • May sites offer amazing discounts and cashback offers to the SBI Simply Click Credit Card users.
  • Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and many other vendors make transaction process as easy as possible.
  • If you make fuel payment 2.5% waiver is provided on surcharge but the transaction should be between INR 500 to INR 3000.
  • If you have to get one without thinking twice then this SBI simply click credit card is the best credit card for shopping.
SBI Simply Click Credit Card

on SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  With joining fees of only INR 499 only.2nd year fees also remains the same if you continue using this card.Also, if you are able to spend more than 1LAC in a year, your  INR 499 gets waived off.
  • Reward Bonus: You are facilitated with 10X rewards on websites of Ola Cabs, Fabfurnish, Zoomcar and much more.
  • Joining Perks: Amazon provides a gift voucher worth INR 500 on joining.
  • You will not have to pay the fuel surcharges if you pay with this card on petrol pumps. You will have to do a transaction between 500 INR to 3000 INR.
  • These points can be used to pay the bill with your credit card or buy a large array of gifts.
  • You can get up to 100 INR cashback on your first ATM withdrawal.
SimplySAVE SBI Card

on SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  You will be charged 499 INR for this card every year but if you spend more than 90000 in a year this fee will be exempted.
  • Reward Bonus: For every 100 INR spent on dining, groceries, and selected departmental stores you get 10 points. For every 100 INR spent on other products, you get 1 point.
  • Joining Perks: If you spend 2000 INR in first 60 days you are awarded 2000 bonus points.
  • If you are using this card for dining in a restaurant or buying some groceries, you can get 50% more renewal points in the transaction. But the restaurants in hotels, malls, and departmental stores don’t fall into this category.
  • The card holder can convert the reward points into cash. Every 100 points are worth 20 INR.
  • All your reward points are valid for 2 years from the day of credit.
  • One can enjoy an interest-free period for 50 days on all the payments made by the card. 
HDFC Solitaire Credit Card

on HDFC's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual for this card is 500 INR. If you spend 50000 INR in the second year, this fee will be waived off.
  • Reward Bonus: For every 150 INR you spend, you will be rewarded with 3 points. If you spend 75000 INR in 6 months, you become eligible for gift vouchers of shoppers stop of worth 1000 INR.
  • Joining Perks: There is no joining fee that is charged to you.


We researched and tested a lot of travel credit cards to come up with this final list of best travel credit card in india. Check them out now and get one for yourself.

Also in this list we have best credit card for airport lounge access in india. So enjoy the benefits and thank me in the comments section below.

#1. Yatra SBI Card

  • The Yatra SBI Card gives countless reasons to travel. The card holder gets 1000 INR instant discount on Domestic flight tickets. But the minimum transaction should be 5000 INR.
  • The card holder can enjoy 20% instant discount on domestic hotel bookings. The minimum booking should be of 3000 INR.
  • The card provides an instant discount of 4000 INR on international flight tickets. The minimum transaction should be of 40,000 INR.
  • The card provides a complimentary insurance of 50 lakh INR on-air accident death. But the booking should have been done with the Yatra SBI Card from website.
  • If you are having this card, you will get 6 points on every 100 INR spent on movie tickets, groceries, dining, and on any departmental stores.
  • 1 point will be rewarded to you for every 100 INR spent on any other product or service.
  • The card holder’s 1% fuel surcharges will be waived off if you use the card to pay your fuel bill on any petrol pump across the country. Your transaction should be between 500 INR to 3000 INR. Maximum waiver of 100 INR per month.
  • You can use the code TRAVEL to avail a discount on tickets and hotel booking.
  • You also have the access to MasterCard lounges at airports (Domestic airports).  This one is a highly popular in airport lounge access credit card.
Yatra SBI credit Card

on ​SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual fees of this card are just 499 + GST. You cannot waive off the first year fee but from the second year onwards you can get it waived off if you spend 90,000 INR annually.
  • Reward Bonus: If your booking amount for the domestic flight is more than 5000 INR you can avail 1000 INR off on the total fare. If the booking of your international flight tickets exceeds 40,000 INR you get 4000 INR discount on the transaction. A 20% discount is offered to those who spend more than 3000 INR on hotel booking. You can get a maximum of 2000 INR discount on every transaction of 3000 INR.
  • Joining Perks: The card holder gets Yatra discount coupons worth 8250 INR.You can also avail the welcome gift on payment of your joining fee.
  • American Express provides great offers to the people who are frequent traveler.
  • You also get the bunch of online offers accompanied by bonus reward points.
  • If you spend more than INR 1.90 lac, you get the Indigo vouchers worth INR 7,700.
  • In case you spend more than INR 4 lac annually, an Indigo voucher worth INR 11,800 will be provided to you accompanied by INR 10,000 voucher from Taj Group.
  • If you want you can avail maximum of 3 Amex cards in a single go.

American Express Platinum Travel Card

on ​​American Express's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  For the first year you need to pay INR 3,500 and from second year onwards the fee is INR 5,000
  • Reward Bonus: If you are a traveler going through Indigo, you can get the maximum profit out of it as most of the redemptions can be done with Indigo partners only.
  • Joining Perks: 5,000 milestone bonus membership rewards is given to you as a welcome gift. The points can be redeemed for Indigo vouchers worth INR 4,000
  • If you would take my opinion, I would suggest this card to all the traveller.
  • You get complimentary access to selected airport lounges all over India.
  • You will get 1 crore complimentary cover for an air accident.
  • In a few particular food joints and restaurants, you can save up to 15% of your total bill.
  • You can easily earn miles with every travel you do. 
  • This is definitely the best citibank credit card in india for travel.
Citibank Premier Miles Card

on ​​American Express's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual fee for this card is 3000 from the very first year. You cannot get this fee waived off.
  • Reward Bonus: You earn 10 miles for every 100 INR spent on air tickets and hotel bookings as well. But you need to do this from the PremierMiles website or select online partners.
  • Joining Perks: If you spend 1000 INR in first 60 days you will be awarded 10,000 Miles as a joining perk.
  • Should I say one of the best or the best travel card? I myself am confused. Providing a lot of cashback and miles on each trip to some other place you will totally get in love with this card really soon.
  • This card is really high on rewards. But to avail this card you need to have a good credit history.
  • One can earn a complimentary visit to 13 domestic airport lounges in more than 11 cities in India.
  • You can enjoy iPrefer Elite Tier membership in your preferred hotels and restaurants.
  • You can enjoy 24x7 concierge service.
Jet Airways American Express® Platinum Credit Card

on ​​American Express's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  For the first year you will have to pay 5000 INR and from 2 years onwards you need to pay 10000 INR plus taxes.
  • Reward Bonus: You get a complimentary visit to 13 domestic airport lounges in 11 cities. You get 16 JPMiles whenever you spend 150 INR on jet airways. On spending on any other airways, you will get 8 JPMiles.dining, movies and grocery spends.
  • Joining Perks: You will get 10,000 bonus JPMiles and one way complimentary Jet Airways base fare.


  • With this SBI Gold Card you can easily meet all the bill payment requirements.
  • Pay your utility bills of electricity, insurance and telephone in the simplest manner possible.
  • The bank provides Flexi pay option thus enabling you to make card payments on easy installments every month.
  • Moreover, you can get the e-statements direct into your mail account and the credit card status can be checked using the mobile alerts.
  • The main feature of this card is that you can use it in more than 24 million outlets.
  • The card also enables you to withdraw from the ATM with 2.5% withdrawal charge. Overall it is a good credit card to pay bills on regular basis.

SBI Gold Credit Card

on ​SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The joining fee of INR 299 must be paid along with the annual charge of INR 299
  • Reward Bonus: You can redeem the reward points on various outlets and make purchase in the category you want. 10X rewards are also provided on dining, movies and grocery spends.
  • Joining Perks: The bank provides you the facility of transferring the credit balance of other banks credit cards and makes the payments thus lowering the interest rates.
  • The credit limit of this card is a bit low. Usually, all the student credit cards have credit limit up to 15000 INR.
  • This card is valid up to 5 years from its issue.
  • This card has no joining fee and the renewal fee is also very less so that the students can be able to maintain the card.

SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

on ​SBI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  There is no annual fee for the first year and the fee for the second is very low.
  • Reward Bonus: This card holder can avail small cashback as well as cash points.
  • Joining Perks: There are no such joining perks for this card as it is a student card.
  • This card has a wide acceptability, both visa and master card.
  • You get sufficient protection against card misuse or card skimming.
  • You can top up even while travelling.
  • You get protection against fluctuating exchange rates.
  • This card is available in 10 different currencies which makes it a good to use student card.
  • It has extra protection as well as a safe mode of payments on online portals that saves you from frauds.

HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card

on HDFC'sSecure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The insurance fee of the card is 125 INR and renewal fee is 75 INR.
  • Reward Bonus: It is available in 10 currencies. And all of them are accepted widely in the different parts of the world.
  • Joining Perks: There are no such joining perks for this card as it is a student card.
  • This travel card is available in 5 currencies that include USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and CAD.
  • This card is available for education purpose in 15 currencies.
  • You can buy and reload travel card by the iMobile app.
  • One can avail up to 20% discount on a hotel stay, dining, travel and shopping.

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

on ICICI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The joining fee is 150 plus GST and renewal fee is 100 plus GST from 2nd year onwards.
  • Reward Bonus: You get additional 10% off on Make My Home products. You get 1500 INR eYatra cash on your international flights.
  • Joining Perks: You get a joining kit which has a free card replacement.


With petrol and diesel price soaring through the roof in india, the only thing that can bring a big smile on your face is out list of best credit card for fuel in india.

These petrol cards will give you a percentage cashback of your total bill. So if you have a job which requires frequent use of on road travelling then this list is for you.

#1. IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card

  • Save on your bills at every IndianOil fuel station as for every 150 INR you spend there you get 4 turbo points.
  • You also get to enjoy the waiver of 1% fuel surcharges at the IndianOil stations.
  • You can easily pay a bill up to 2000 INR by simply tapping your card at the POS terminals during your transactions. No PIN is required for these payments.
  • At around 1200+ IndianOil stations you can get up to 71 litres of free fuel annually by simply redeeming your turbo points.
  • 1 turbo point is equivalent to 1 INR and there is no expiry date for these points.
  • Not just petrol pumps but if you plan to go on a dinner outside, you can save about 15% on your bills at selected restaurants.
  • This is definitely one of the best fuel credit card in india.
IndianOil Citibank Platinum Credit Card-min

on Citi Bank's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  From the first year onwards you will have to pay an amount of 1000 INR which could be waived of if your annual spending exceeds 30,000 INR.
  • Reward Bonus: On spending 150 INR on fuel at any authorized IndianOil Outlet you earn 4 turbo points. And for every 150 INR spent on grocery or any product in a supermarket you earn 2 turbo points.
  • Joining Perks: You can get gift vouchers and other benefits worth 250 INR. But this perk depends upon the bank. Do check before you apply because time and again they keep changing the joining perks.

#2. HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card

  • The card offers a cashback of 5% on fuel, other day to day payments including recharges, bill payments. It also gives 5% cashback on every IRCTC booking. The maximum monthly cashback is not more than 150 INR.
  • There is no liability on the card if it gets stolen, lost or reissued.
  • All the cash back you get can be retained as reward points at that time for future use.
  • The fuel surcharges of 1% are waived off if your transaction is above 400 INR
  • The cardholder can enjoy saving up to 3000 INR annually by using this credit card. 
HDFC Bharat CashBack Credit Card-min

on ​HDFC's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The annual fee of the card is just 500 INR which can be waived off if the card holder spends 20,000 INR in a year.
  • Reward Bonus: You can 5% cashback on every transaction you make on fuel payment, recharges, bill payments and IRCTC bookings.
  • Joining Perks: The annual fee is as low as 500 and you will not have to pay any amount at the time of joining.


I love watching movies in the theatre. But its getting more and more expensive and especially the weekend show takes a big chunk of money from your wallet.

This is why today i have made the list of best credit card for movie tickets in India. These credit card with free movie tickets will bring the biggest smile on your face.

#1. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

  • The card holder of ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card can enjoy free movie ticket on buy 1 get 1 free basis. Max 2 tickets per month worth 250 INR.
  • You can avail 2x cash rewards on groceries, dining, and transaction in the supermarket.
  • The card holder gets 2 complimentary domestic airport lounge visit every quarter.
  • You can save 15% on dining bills at over 800 restaurants across the country.
  • Whenever you spend 4000 INR at any HPCL pump you can enjoy a waiver of 2.5%on fuel surcharges.
  • Earn cashback points on every transaction and redeem it whenever you want. You can cash out your points or choose a gift. 
  • This is one of the most popular when we talk about movie ticket offers on credit card. Icici credit card movie offer is perfect for all movie buffs out there.
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

on ICICI's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The joining fee is 1000 INR + taxes. From the second year, the fee is reduced to 500 INR + GST. The fee for the second year will be waived off if the card holder spends 1, 50,000 INR yearly. 
  • Reward Bonus: For every 100 INR spent on dining, supermarket, and groceries you earn  4 points. For every other transaction of 100 INR, you earn 2 points. You get 2 movies tickets for free every month on the basis of buy 1 get 1 free. This offer is valid when you book the tickets using bookmyshow.
  • Joining Perks: The bank provides all its coral card holders a complimentary tie of provogue worth 999 INR.

#2. HDFC Bank Titanium Times Card

  • If you are always on a hunt to pay less for your dining and movie then this card is one of your best bet. You can avail a lot of discount on each transaction you make for booking movie tickets and on dining.
  • The card holder can enjoy up to 25% discount on shopping and movie tickets at select outlets.
  • You can also avail a lot of exciting offers on HDFC Times Card Website.
  • You can enjoy a waiver up to 250 INR on fuel surcharges per cycle. But your transaction should be between 400 INR to 5000 INR.
  • Hdfc credit card offers on movie tickets are highly sought after. 
HDFC Bank Titanium Times Card

on HDFC's Secure Website

  • Annual Fees:  The first year fee is about 500 INR. 2nd year onwards the fee remains 500 INR but can be waived off if your expenditure using the card exceeds 1.5 lakh annually.
  • Reward Bonus: For every 150 INR spent on dining during the weekends, you get 5 points as a reward.
  • Joining Perks: The welcome gift vouchers are awarded to the new joining as a joining perk.  

Whether you are searching for top 5 credit cards in india or even top 10 , 20 or 50 credit cards in india, we have given you the absolute best solution in this article.

I am sure this list of best credit cards in india will make your decision as easy as possible.

Now you can easily compare credit cards in india and make a informed choice to find out which credit card is best in india for YOU.

Credit card comparison in india can be time consuming and a difficult task for a newbie or even an experienced credit card user.  This is why this article will help you make the perfect decision for you.

I am sure that i will be receiving your thankyou email soon 🙂

You might also be thinking which bank credit card is best? Right?

Well honestly it depends on the features. Yes i agree Brand name like HDFC, SBI matters but in the end it all boils down to which credit card is best for you.

I hope uptill now your confusion regarding which credit card is best for me is solved.

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