Best Credit Cards in India (Updated Jan 2018)

Being a heavy credit card user myself, i will give you the best recommendation for best credit card in india 2018.

I always keep myself updated with latest offers, happenings, schemes and rewards related to credit cards in India

Hence the list is well researched and the recommendations are top notch. #2 is my personal favorite, you will love it.

So without wasting any time, lets start with the list.

best credit card

Best Credit card in India - Top 10 credit cards in India that        I  Recommend

If you don't want to read the one by one credit card reviews, then you can directly click on my best recommendations and sign up for these credit cards and enjoy the benefits 🙂

Also, in the end i have a surprise for you. I will share with you the tips on how you can waive off the annual fees from your credit card 🙂 , must check them out.

This credit card is good if you want to dine out, go for shopping, or purchase online.

With every transaction you make reward points are provided to you. On many occasions even cash back is provided to benefit you.

To start with 5% cashback is provided to you if you go for shopping in supermarket and buy groceries.

Shopping from stores like Reliance fresh, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar and others will give you the benefit of getting 5% cashback.

You even get cashback if you make other transactions other than in supermarkets.

A cashback of INR 500 is provided monthly with the maximum of INR 150 cashback in a single transaction you make.

The point to be kept in mind is that you have to make minimum purchase of INR 1000.

The monthly rate of interest is 3.1% and oversees transactions are charged 3.5% per transaction

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fees: The annual fee of 1st year is INR 499 only. From 2nd year onwards the fee is INR 999. However, if you spend more than INR 30000, you get the fee waiver as well.

Rewards/ Bonus: 5X reward points are provided to you if you spend on hotel bills, air tickets, fuel bills and dining.

Joining Perks and Benefits: It is a good option for people whose annual spending is approx. INR 1 lac- INR 2 lac.

If you enjoy shopping online availing SBIO credit card is going to be advantageous for you.

Number of websites offer great discounts and cashback to the SBI Simply Click Credit Card users.

Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and other vendors provide you hassle free transactions with this card.

If you make fuel payment 2.5% waiver is provided on surcharge but the transaction should be between INR 500 to INR 3000.

Joining Perks and Benefits: Amazon provides a gift voucher worth INR 500 on joining.

Rewards/ Bonus: You are facilitated with 10X rewards on websites of Ola Cabs, Fabfurnish, Zoomcar and much more.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card

Annual Fees: The joining fee is INR 499 only. The fee foe 2nd year also remains same if you continue using this card.

In case your annual spending exceeds INR 1 lac your annual fee of INR 499 gets waived off.

To avail this credit card there is no need of credit history. You need to provide the security of fixed deposit to the bank for securing the card.

You need to provide minimum of INR 20,000 and it has to be kept for at least 180 days. Overdue will be charged at the interest of 2.49% monthly which compounds to 29.885 annually.

The interest will be charged only if you make a part payment or nil payment. On the off chance you pay the full outstanding no interest will be charged.

If you make INR 4000 transaction at HPCL pumps, you can avail the fuel surcharge of 2.5%.

The main point that should be noted is that it is not issued to the minors and the foreign citizens.

If you are a shopaholic this is an ideal card. You can also get 15% discount on all the leading restaurants.

ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card

Annual Fees: You do not have to pay annual fee. It is zero

Rewards/ Bonus: You are also awarded the movie ticket worth INR 200 every month. Also earn the reward points and redeem them for cash.

#4. HDFC Regalia Credit Card

If you are searching for a card that serves all your purposes than HDFC Regalia card is the best choice to make.

With this card you get almost all the offers and discounts all over the world.

The bank provides the decent reward rate, free access to the lounge.

Also you get the low foreign currency markup fees on every international transaction you make.

Rewards/ Bonus: 5X rewards are provided with number of merchants and various other offers for you. Generally, reward rate is 1.6%

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Annual Fees: Usually the card is provided without annual fee.

It is a perfect credit card for the people who want to shop in Lifestyle stores.

Standard Charted Titanium Card is globally accepted, therefore, you can shop freely anywhere at your ease.

The bank has provided the facility of making the card payments online or through cheques for your convenience.

Extending the benefits the bank allows you to purchase the railway tickets and the airline tickets in a hassle free manner.

The monthly interest rates are 3.1% which amount to 37.20% annually.

If you make the payment of outstanding amount in the same month, you will not be required to pay the interest.

Joining Perks and Bonus: You get the discount voucher of INR 2500 on subscription.

Standard Chartered Inner Circle Titanium Credit Card

Annual Fees: You don’t need to pay the annual fee at all and the admission fee is also zero.

Rewards/ Bonus: If you make use of this card at Auchan Stores, you are liable to get the 5% cashback. Get a chance to redeem the points gathered at Lifestyle stores.

If you belong to the clan of people, who love the comfort of their home and want the transactions to be done completely online then this cashback card of Citibank is for you.

You earn the cashback reward on every transaction. You get to pay the utility bills online without facing any trouble.

When you buy the movie tickets than get 5% cash back on every purchase you make.

Furthermore, get 5% cashback on telephone payments, and 0.5% cashback on every other transaction.

The cashback limit is set to INR 100 per month, though.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

Annual Fees: The annual fee of INR 500 must be paid to get access to this card.

Rewards/ Bonus: You can redeem the cashback in multiples of INR 500

With this SBI Gold Card you can easily meet all the bill payment requirements.

Pay your utility bills of electricity, insurance and telephone in the simplest manner possible.

The bank provides Flexi pay option thus enabling you to make card payments on easy installments every month.

Moreover, you can get the e-statements direct into your mail account and the credit card status can be checked using the mobile alerts.

The main feature of this card is that you can use it in more than 24 million outlets.

The card also enables you to withdraw from the ATM with 2.5% withdrawal charge. Overall it is a good credit card to pay bills on regular basis.

Joining Perks and Bonus: The bank provides you the facility of transferring the credit balance of other banks credit cards and makes the payments thus lowering the interest rates.

SBI Gold Credit Card

Annual Fees: The joining fee of INR 299 must be paid along with the annual charge of INR 299

Rewards/ Bonus: You can redeem the reward points on various outlets and make purchase in the category you want. 10X rewards are also provided on dining, movies and grocery spends.

With SBI Signature Card you can earn benefits worth INR 30,000 yearly.

You get 10 points on every INR 100 spent on dining, grocery and international transaction, and 2 points on other transactions.

Furthermore, you receive the annual award of 10,000 as a bonus on spending INR 2 lac – INR 4 lac annually.

If in case you get to spend more than INR 5 lac a bonus reward of 20,000 points is provided.

The value of 1 reward point is INR 0.25

Joining Perks and Bonus: A welcome gift worth INR 5000 is provided to you, which makes the annual fee negligible.

SBI Elite credit Card

Annual Fees: You need to pay annual fee of INR 4999

Rewards/ Bonus: You are provided with the 2 free movie tickets every month from BookMyShow.

American Express provides great offers to the people who are frequent traveler.

You also get the bunch of online offers accompanied by bonus reward points.

If you spend more than INR 1.90 lac, you get the Indigo vouchers worth INR 7,700.

In case you spend more than INR 4 lac annually, an Indigo voucher worth INR 11,800 will be provided to you accompanied by INR 10,000 voucher from Taj Group.

If you want you can avail maximum of 3 Amex cards in a single go.

Joining Perks and Bonus: 5,000 milestone bonus membership rewards is given to you as a welcome gift. The points can be redeemed for Indigo vouchers worth INR 4,000

American Express Platinum Travel Card

Annual Fees: For the first year you need to pay INR 3,500 and from second year onwards the fee is INR 5,000

Rewards/ Bonus: If you are a traveler going through Indigo, you can get the maximum profit out of it as most of the redemptions can be done with Indigo partners only.

#10. HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card

The card is meant for the people, who want to earn while shopping. This is the unique concept followed by HDFC Bank.

Due to cashback and reward points number of people has come together to join hands with HDFC. You get reward points on every purchase you make.

You get 2 reward point on every INR 150 spent on retail purchase, and 2X reward points on other expenditure.

The value of 100 reward points is INR 30. You can redeem the reward points as a cashback, if you want.

Joining Perks and Bonus: You get the free interest rate period of 50 days from the date your card is activated.

Rewards/ Bonus: A fuel surcharge of INR 250 is provided on every billing.

HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card

Annual Fees: There are zero annual fees that you need to pay.


Above I have listed top 10 credit cards in India. You can avail the one which deems to be fit for you.

1. Yatra SBI credit Card

This card is good if you want to travel and pay utility bills online. It provides you amazing offers on

The annual fee get waived off if your annual spending is more than INR 90,000

Annual Fee: Joining fee is INR 499 and from second year onwards fee remains the same.

Rewards/ Bonus: You can waive the surcharge of maximum INR 100 every month

Joining Perks and Bonus: Welcome gift of worth INR 8250 is provided to you

2. Citibank Premier Miles Card

It is a recommended card if you are a frequent flyer.

You can earn the reward points on your every spending and redeem them for your flights and hotel stays.

Annual Fee: The annual fee of INR 3000 is billed in your first month statement

Rewards/ Bonus: You can redeem your reward points across 100 domestic and international airlines

Joining Perks and Bonus: In domestic or international fly you enjoy the premier airport lounges.

3. American Express Gold Card

You get 1000 MR points as a reward for using this card 4 times in a month

Annual Fee: The annual fee of INR 1000 is for first year. Thereafter, you need to pay INR 4500

Rewards/ Bonus: You get 3% cashback on fuel, and you can also earn 5000 MR points on renewal of second year.

Joining Perks and Bonus: Welcome gift of 4000 MR points after you spend 3 times within 60 days of issuing the card.

4. ICICI Bank RubyX Credit Card

You get the headphones as a joining bonus and various discounts are offered to benefit you.

Annual Fee: INR 3000 will be required to pay as a joining fee and INR 2000 from second year onwards

Rewards/ Bonus: You get 15% discount for dining in 800 tie-up restaurants.

Joining Perks and Bonus: Sennheiser HD219 Headphones will be gifted to you as a welcome gift

5. The NEW American Express Make My Trip Credit Card

MMT provides the voucher worth INR 2000 on spending INR 1.25 lac. On the off chance you spend more than INR 2.5 lac, MMT will offer you voucher worth INR 5000.

Annual Fee: Joining fee that you need to pay is INR 750 and from second year onwards INR 1500 need to be paid as an annual fee.

Rewards/ Bonus: You get 5% cashback on every booking you make using this card.

Joining Perks and Bonus: You will get 2 MMT vouchers worth INR 1000 when you buy this card.

How to Waive off Annual fees on Credit card

If you are a regular user of credit cards or are just reading this article to make up your mind for your first credit card then you need to read about annual charges as well

Most of the credit cards from various banks come with an annual fees or charges.

Although i have also covered in this article credit card with no annual fees in India, in this topic, I will tell you how to not pay annual fees for credit cards that have an annual fee

The annual charges vary from Rs 499 - 999/- for cashback credit cards and Rs 3,000-5,000/- for premium credit cards .

In most cases all banks have a number attached to spending limit for each type of card and if the customer reaches that limit,  banks will be happy to remove the annual charges.

Now, how much you need to spend to waive  off the annual charges is not fixed, it varies from bank to bank, for some it might be Rs 50,000 for another it might be Rs 2,00,000 /annum.

Either this information will be available on the application form or you can also check this on the bank's website. If you still can't find it, then you can contact customer care, they will tell you

The logic is very simple, bank wants you to use your credit card, and if you do that they will be happy to reverse the annual charge on your credit card.

Do not expect all the banks to waive off your annual charges. I have seen that Amex or American express is very stern when its about reversing annual charges on the credit card

Now i am a big fan of Ramit Sethi, if you don't know about him then you must check his website and follow him everywhere. He teaches about saving and making more money just like me.

One of the best courses he is getting your rent lowered, getting a raise. The underlying theme in, that is, unless you ask for something you won't get it

So what i mean to say is, learn the art of negotiating and influencing people to get your things done.

So similarly you need to call the customer care executive for your respective credit card company an d talk to them about removing or reversing your annual fees.

See no company loves to lose their customers, so you can first ask nicely for getting your annual fees waived off or you can also put the idea in their mind that you are thinking of shifting to any other company with the same benefits, then they are more likely to respond to you.

Make Sure : 

Remember, you can only use this trick only if you are a regular user of credit card and are spending more than what a bank wants to remove the Annual fees.

If you are spending just 20,000/annum for a credit card that bank needs at least 1 Lac to waive off the annual charges, then you will be disappointed in convincing them

​Follow these tips to talk to the customer care executive:

  • Be polite and put your case forward in a nice and understanding way
  • Make them understand that you are a heavy spender and how they can check your spending history to confirm that
  • Do not demand to waive off the annual charges, rather politely request them to do so
  • Show them how you have paid your credit card bills on time and how much you love their product. How you have made your friends join the same company etc.

Not just Annual charges, now reverse the Late payment charges as well

I am not promoting late payment, it's just that for any reason in the future, you might miss paying your credit card bill. Obviously, in that case you will be charged a late payment fee.

Now, if you are a heavy spender and a long time loyal customer who always pays on time, then the bank or the customer care executive will be more than happy to reverse the late payment charges.

But do not expect to do this all the time, if you falter in just one of the 12 monthly payments then you can talk for this. Also, there is no guarantee, but yes high likeliness that they might reverse it

Also check our article on how to check EPF balance in india.

Using Credits Cards the Right Way for Maximum Benefit - Secret Dirty Tips Revealed

Why do i or you or anyone use a credit card?. For many conevnienece like rewrads, offers, crdit availabilty etc right

Not everyone knows how to use the credit card the right way. If you are just a beginner in using a credit card there is a high likeliness that you might be using it in the wrong way.

To effectively and smartly use your credit card and getting the most benefit from it, I have made this list of best practices and also shared some examples to make it easy for you

I must mention that there is no step-by-step guide that I can share with you on the right way of using your credit card. It depends on many factors such as, your credit card type, your monthly income, your lifestyle, your expenditure etc.

It took a lot of effort on my side to curate this list of best credit cards in india. 

I have tried my best to be thorough and comprehensive and also give the best recommendations.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and help them save money as well.

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