How to earn money from youtube – Make Money as Youtube Celebrity 2017

Once a myth, Making a living by using the internet has become a reality today.

Today I will tell you how to earn money from youtube, not just money but fame as well. Nowadays people are making a living out of youtube. PieDiePie earned more than $4 million in 2013.

I have worked with many youtube celebrities for their digital marketing needs, and hence I understand the ins and outs of running a successful and profitable youtube channel. Lets me share this inside ​knowledge with you now.

how to earn money on youtube
top 25 youtube celebrities

Top 25 Youtube Users  - Sorted by Subscribers (Data from socialblade)

You must have heard of people like Tanmay Bhatt (All india Bakchod- AIB), BB ki vines (the most popular and fastest growing youtube celebrity in India, TVF and much more. All these people are making million not just through youtube but from the additional perks like sponsorships, TV ads, Affiliate marketing and much more.

Bonus: To make this article from ordinary to amazing , i have added numerous case studies , links, examples and much more so that you can replicate the success of other people and start your own journey of Youtube Fame.

Among these options is a specialized line of work called the “video-making”People make excellent videos that are viewed on a daily basis by millions of people some of these videos become very popular.

People good at making videos have monetized their skills by making unique and attractive videos liked by the people all over the world. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to make the videos and get them popular among the large fan base called the subscribers.

Without wasting any time, lets dive into How to earn money from YouTube?

#1. Finding your Niche - Your Amazing Idea

Now this is the tough part. 

Now most people start by first creating an account on Youtube​, but thats the wrong approach. You need to first do a thorough research and narrow down on your niche and the kind of videos you will be making.

There are thousands of various niche that you can go into. You can become a tech reviewer, people reaction grabber, comedian, funny vlogs, health expert, fashion expert and what not. To find a niche for yourself you need to introspect:

  • Whats your passion
  • What makes you happy
  • What wont bore you even after doing the same thing for 10 hours everyday.

I have listed down 10 niche for your reference (Although there is no limit on the number of niche you can think of) and have also included screenshots of people who have made it big in that niche.

Tech Review

tech review

Stand-up comedy

standup comedy

Fitness Expert

fitness expert

Mens Style

mens style

Prank Videos


Reaction Videos

reaction video

Life Hacks

life hacks





Niche Expert

niche expert

Honestly there cannot be a comprehensive list of all the niche because it is just not possible. Some people have become popular and are making money on youtube by getting into very weird/funny/creative niche. 

whats your passion?

So how to find your niche for your own youtube channel? Well here are the steps:

  • Find a blank sheet - any paper which is blank
  • Make a comprehensive list of things you love - this is very important as doing what you love is the best form of work in the universe. So few examples here can be football, chemistry, gaming, chess etc etc, you get the idea right. Anything that is exciting to you or makes you happy. There is no limit to how many items to add, just add as many as you can think of (although minimum 20)
  • Filtering - Highlight the ones that are your favorites. Points which excites you the most.
  • Research: Reserach the hell out of each topic. Check Reddit, Forums, quora, blog articles, other youtube channels and anything that you can find about that topic. All these steps will help you narrow down the niche or the general direction where your channel is heading. So dont worry about the details right now.

After doing a thoriough research you will get a general idea about each topic and sub-consciously you will have some favorites or the one that excites you the most. You will automatically find a topic that will relate to you, will bring a smile on your face and will speak to you.

Now your niche is settled, lets come up with the channel idea

Now the best direction for finding your channel idea is through inspiration. Instead of being 100% original and spending months figuring out the best idea, rather take inspiraton for what is already working. 

Note: We are not talking about copying someones idea or plagiarism, rather getting inspired.​ Imitation is right but blatant copying is totally wrong.

​So look for various channels that are already in your niche and then make an excel sheet of their name and also their channel description. To make it simple for you i have attached an excel sheet that you can directly download. (add sheet)

Now think and try to come up with at least 50 different ideas that are not exact replica but rather an interesting combination of various channels or your own imagination. Like piediepie does gaming, so how can you be different? What different style can you come up with which is enjoyable to watch at the same time covers your niche.

For example: Everyone was doing tech review​ and starting their own tech review channel. DrunkTechReviews came up with the idea of tech reviews while being drunk. And this idea was original but a form of imitation as they were still doing tech review. Now audience loved this and hence this channel got off quickly. You get the idea right, this is the approach you have to take to come up with a list of channel ideas for yoursefl.

The content added on YouTube cannot be too long and boring.  It has to engage the subscriber in an interesting manner and it cannot be too long. Make sure your uploads are consistent and regular.

Roadmap to a Profitable Youtube Channel / Career

Its takes smartness, perseverance, and dedication for a successful youtube channel. If this was easy then everyone would have been doing this. So in this article we have laid out in a step by step manner how to make money on youtube and leave you 9-5 day job to earn with your passion.

You must first remember there is no such thing as overnight success. Why i a stating this is because people get influenced easily by the success of other youtube channels and then start their own , only to hit a brick wall with 10 views and a couple of subscribers. ​

Yes it is easy to get disheartened and forget about moving forward. But this roadblock is a test, a test of your dedication and perseverance and hence you should motivate the hell out of you and keep moving forward with your journey to Youtube Success.​ There is no such thing as Overnight Success

#2. Setup and Build the YouTube Channel.

Creating and Building you own YouTube channel is your personal space on the online network. The YouTube account is same as the Google account.

Having a Google email id entitles you to get access to several Google products that are popular such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google News, Google+, and Translate, etc. 

how to make money from youtube

Follow the below mentioned points to setup a YouTube account and channel.

    • Use the existing Google account or create a new one. Add keywords to make your YouTube channel searchable on the YouTube platform. Also, you can add the keyword by using the advanced settings of the channel. Always, make sure the keywords are relevant to the content shown on the YouTube channel
    • Select username that is unique and memorable. The username might be easy to remember and that is why people might relate more to your user name compared to the channel name. That is why use an attractive channel name and remove your username by going to the settings in Google+
    • Create a custom youtube URL instead of the default one. Default url is Ugly , so make sure you create a URL for your channel.

    If you can understand these points then you can understand How to Make Money from YouTube?

    There are many people making the decent amount of money every month provided their content is highly ranked and rated and they have a high number of the subscribers.

create youtube account

This is a easy step, so lets move onto the next step.

Below mentioned are some pointers that help in understanding the importance of high-quality content and keeping the subscribers engaged in visiting the YouTube channel.

  • If your content is not that great at the beginning keep practicing. This will, in turn, improve the content quality. Try to make each video far better than the previous one.
  • Bring important improvements in your content with a better-quality camera and better software that help in editing the videos and introduce effects, etc. Also, make improvements with the way of filming and its techniques. Use proven techniques and use lighting effects to make your video more appealing, use a tripod.  A better product brings forth an increased audience.
  • Uploading top-quality video content on your YouTube account can help in holding the audience. People are likely to subscribe a YouTube channel provided the content is regularly updated on the channel.
  • Give the description of the content and tag the content with keywords. The description must be eye catching. This helps in getting an inbound crowd when the relevant topic as per the keyword is searched on the YouTube.

Equipments - Does it matter if i have expensive equipments

This has been a highly debatable topic for long. Why, because people think that if they have expensive, high-quality equipment then that is the sure shot way to success. Yes, good equipment matters a lot but not to that extent.

Now I will tell you how you can create amazing video even with decent and low-budget Youtube equipment.

  • Sound: Contrary to popular belief, Sound is much more important than video quality. If your video quality is super amazing but your sound sucks then your audience is more likely to get irritated and leave your video. If you have a Video camera, then its built in mic is more than enough. 
    • If you still think the sound quality is not that good, then you can buy a Lavalier microphone which can then be plugged into your phone. To make it easy to combine both audio and video files make a tight clap before you start shooting, this way the spike in waveform will help you combine both files in video editing software.
    • You can buy the cheap ones but if you have the budget then the recommended Mic: Sennheiser EW 112P Wireless lavalier system
  • Video: For video there can be three scenarios and we have recommendations for each one of them, check them out
    • Zero Budget: Use your phone camera. Video camera in smartphones these days are of more than enough quality
    • Low Budget: You can use any point and shoot camera from Canon or Nikon
    • High Budget: Buy a DSLR. Buy a good DSLR Body (around $1000) and then a good lens that will cost you $300-$900.
  • Software: Although the free softwares are more than enough and are packed with enough features , i use and recommend Adobe Premiere Pro. It is just amazing. But if you are low on budget you can skip buying this and rather use a free version of various softwares. Final cut pro is the alternative for Adobe Premiere pro is you are on a MAC

Producing and launching your first video

Now you might be super excited and hence may add hundreds of video transitions, animation, effects and what not. While loosing the focus on the most important part - Storytelling.

You can add thousands of special effects and whatnot, but if your video is not relatable and not coherent and not establishing and exploiting any human emotion, then your video will never get viral.

For your first video, first, establish the kind of video you will be making (lets talk about getting viral ideas and making viral videos in the next heading of this article). Write on an excel sheet exact shots that you will be taking and how you want them in your final video. This way you will be organized and hence the video editing and will be minimum. ​(i assume you have made yourself comfortable with the video editing software by now)

#3. Get an Audience and Build a loyal and large Fan Base.

Now comes the most important part. How to build a Youtube Audience.

Getting Viral - The complete step-by-step process

Before i tell you how to get viral, you need to first understand the reason behind why you created your youtube channel.

It is to become an influencer. If you are thinking of making a cute cat video and trying to get viral, then whats the point of that. What good will it do to you. Yes you will be happy of those million views, but there is no reason for anyone to subscribe to you. Why should i trust you that you will make  some amazing videos in the future.

In order to make a real difference with your youtube channel and actually be able to make a substancial living out of it. You will have to become an influencer.​ An influencer that people love and trust and believe. Why because then your audience will listen to you, will trust you and will follow your advise. 

You need to narrow down your audience. If your channel is about Pet food, then audience of people who are interested in Dog training is not your target audience. Your target is to find each and every individual in your niche and act as a trusted influencer for them. Having 1000 people who loves you is much more valuable than having 10,000 people who just know you but dont love and trust you. The sooner you understand this the better for you.

Now even you are spending countless hours in improving the quality of your videos. Even if you video is one of the best that anyone can ever make, without a proper audience your chances of getting viral or getting in front of your target audience is negligible if you dont do anything about this.

Each hours hundreds and thousands of videos are uploaded on Youtube, so if you dont already have a huge subscriber base (Increase youtube subscribers)​ then you need to promote the hell out of it.

Building an audience is crucial for the monetization. If you want to make money from your videos by showing brands advertisements. The only effective way to do the same is by creating the high-quality content that attracts a high-volume crowd to your YouTube channel.

  • Keep uploading the content on your YouTube channel and keep visitors interested in it. Send you video links to the social media websites such as the Twitter and Facebook and share the same with people.
  • Respond to the viewers by acknowledging their comments with a reply.  Also, make sure you have videos based on the subscriber's feedback made occasionally.  Connecting with the subscriber's and responding to them will motivate more people to take interest in the channel.
  • Adding a large number of people to the channel subscribers list and keeping them in connection with the channel, interested in the channels content will pave way for better revenues coming from the sponsors.

#4. Monetize the Videos through multiple ways

If you want to make money from your YouTube videos then make sure you have the monetization option activated.

This means you are giving your consent to the YouTube for placing the advertisement on your YouTube channel videos. This means you are acknowledging there is no copyrighted material posted online.

Need 10K Viewers to Start Making Money.

Millions of you tubers worldwide were shocked to learn that YouTube has introduced some changes into their policies for monetization. Under the YouTube partner program, the videos that are created cannot generate revenue if they do not have minimum 10,000 likes.

Once the video creator gets more than 10,000-lifetime likes in the program, the company reviews the account holder activity against YouTube. When everything looks good then the account user will be added to the YPP and get ads on their content.

Set up the Google AdSense Account.

You can setup the Google AdSense account free from the AdSense website. Click the sign-up button and start creating your account.

The age criteria are above 18 years or older to create an account.To receive payments you either need a bank account or a PayPal and a legitimate mailing address and other relevant information.

All of this is important so that AdSense can verify your information before sending the money. A large amount of money in YouTube comes when the viewer clicks on an advertisement.

Keep Track of the Analytics.​

Once the videos have been monetized and few of them start generating revenue via AdSense advertisements. It is important for the YouTube account holder to keep a track of the analytics and make sure the performance of the channel and videos uploaded does not go down.

There are many YouTube channels that had a great start but mismanagement of the analytics reports and channels performance depreciation led to a large number of subscribers leaving these channels. Eventually, as a result, the revenue got reduced and the popularity went down. 

As the account holder of the channel keep such things in mind and be careful with your approach towards your online channel. ​​You can view the analytics in by clicking the analytics option in the channel menu. Over here you can view the estimated earnings, overall traffic, ad performance, demographics and more.

  • You always have an option to ​see how the content is working out with the audience. also, you can make the necessary changes in the content to make it more marketable to attract more viewers and turning them into channel subscribers. 

Promote the Videos Elsewhere.

Market your videos with a solid plan to reach out to the maximum subscribers and viewers.  YouTube is not the only way to promote the videos.

You can also start your own blog or create your own website where you can promote your videos.

Also, you can promote the video content on the social media websites. When you share the video link or embedding the video on the internet increases chances of content getting noticed.

Become a YouTube Partner.

The YouTube partners are those YouTube members who have monetized the videos. These videos have a large number of the viewers on their video content.

Because of this as per the partner program, the content creator can get access to a variety of editing tools to make their videos more appealing. Due to this, the partners can get rewards and prizes for their contribution.

#5. Benefits and Challenges of becoming a YouTuber.

​It is important to understand the concept of becoming a YouTuber. Many people get deprived of success in making a name for themselves via YouTube channel owned by them.

Among millions of YouTuber’s few have managed to achieve grand success. Becoming a YouTube partner is a direct indication that you have a large pool of subscribers and a successful online channel.

Once you become a YouTube partner this means you now have access to a robust and effective resource and additional options for making money. The YouTube resources are designed to help YouTube partners in getting more traffic and create high-quality content.

  • Monetization: If you adhere t the guidelines of YouTube. Then the online platform allows you to show ads on your popular videos. The advertisements do not interfere with your videos and the targeted ads with maximum clicks resulting in more money for you
  • Global Audience: YouTube is the largest online community worldwide. Therefore, uploading video content on YouTube allows the channel owner to reach out to the mass audience
  • Uploading content Outside YouTube: YouTube partner program is a non-exclusive program this involved the freedom to the content owner to upload the content on other networks
  • Copyright: Once the YouTube partner uploads the content she/he retains the copyright and the distribution rights of the same. As per the terms and condition of the online platform. However, if you are not uploading genuine content then you must obtain the permission from the copyright owner
  • Additional Exposure: The partner videos show among the top five search results giving your video content an additional exposure. Your videos are in synchronization with the YouTube partner sites that helps in reaching out to the untapped audience outside of the YouTube network
  • Ensure Balance and Quality in the Vlog Content: If you are struggling to produce the outstanding content then it is a major problem faced by a Vlogger who wants to become specialized in video content creating. Knowing when to post and how often to post is the main challenge and it is important to learn from your target audience
  • Too Many Vloggers: When a search is done on the YouTube you come across a massive information pool. It shows the search results and thousands of Vloggers uploading the information in their own presentation. The millions of viewers prefer staying with famous names of vloggers on YouTube and similar channels. This makes it difficult to get a break and make it big under their shadow
  • Time-Consuming: Many people believe the Vlogging is easy and it might take few minutes a day. But this is not necessary to be true. Vlogging can be extremely time-consuming because the video content must be comprehensive and well researched. Also, it must be designed as trendy and catchy video content with reader-friendly and catchy descriptions. The entire process of creating a video content takes a lot of time and it is not everyone's cup of tea
  • Respond to the Comments: The subscribers who view the video leave their comments as feedback of the video they have watched. Responding to the comments and occasionally creating content as per the subscriber feedback is a positive move. Not many people follow this approach because of which the channel subscribers loose interest and abandon the online channel
  • Motivation Factor: The challenges listed above can lead to the lack of motivation factor in the people from following the video content. Also, it can demotivate the video content creator from creating unique and outstanding video content that can become someday a big crowd puller

People looking to make a big score often think creating videos on YouTube or similar platforms will be a cake walk. However, it is not everyone's cup of tea to create the video and create a large fan base following. There are multiple challenges that a person might face in becoming a famous YouTube channel owner.

#6. Begin Live Streaming on the Online Channel with Interesting Topics.

Live streaming of video blogs on your channel can have dramatic positive effects. There are different video channels on YouTube that are famous and attract millions of viewers worldwide for the latest product and service launch. This allows the potential customers to know about the latest news related to a brand or a working professional’s services that can benefit them in a long run.

There are different benefits of live streaming the video blog channel.

Refer to the below-mentioned benefits.

live streaming

Live Streaming Grows your Audience.

The internet is a large space that connects people from different parts of the globe instantly and brings the information and news to their doorstep at a fast pace.

Business or a famous video blogger can live stream an event regarding information of the product or a service. This allows the participants who might become the customer to question and get answers to their queries.  Also, it allows them to get information in detail.

reduced cost

Reduced Costs of Venue and Hosting because of Live Streaming.

The live streaming on the internet allows the service provider to connect to the millions of people and also, it reduces the costs involved in hiring a venue for hosting the event. 

The live event also reduces the costs involved in logistics, security, and traveling. It has become an excellent platform for training employees with reduced costs and gets them well acquainted with the organizational growth and future opportunities.

more money youtube

Reduced Costs mean Increased Revenues.

The time, money and effort that is saved in live streaming compared to hosting the event at a physical location is enormous. This helps the business to focus more on the growing the business with the resources and promoting the business with your product.


Audience Interaction.

The face to face interaction allows the business to communicate directly with the audience leading to a human touch and connecting with the people better. As a business or working professional, you address the audience attending the live stream by answering their questions professionally and on time. This keeps them engaged in the conference and paves way for more audience to join in the event.


Promote the Live Stream Link Before the Event.

Promote the live stream link on the day of the event on famous social media websites and promote the same amongst millions of people. This will help in getting a large audience that can in future turn into potential clients.


Show Consistency.

It is imperative to make sure the brand value, product, services, and relevant information are promoted in a well-planned manner on social media and YouTube platform. This shows consistency, the live stream is the best way to connect to the large audience and interact with them.

This helps in establishing a brand value and sizable presence on the YouTube platform. It is crucial to live stream the events in the digital age. The rich content and live stream are more effective in the end to end interaction as the internet use grows effectively on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, etc.

Famous YouTube Accounts International and in India.

At present we are discussing the top YouTube channels that are both managed and run by businesses or individuals. These YouTube channels that are popular have the dedicated fan following.

Popular Youtube channels among youth of India

The youth of india is driving the major youtube viewership. Young people engage better and also share the content they love. Many young youtube celebrities are showing their talent and have risen to the top in just a few months of their starting the channel.

  • Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines): Who does not know about Bhuvan bam these days. People love him and his videos, I love his videos, I find them hilarious. He is leading by example that if you have something wonderful to show and if you can make people genuinely laugh then you will easily get love and support
  • TVF Total viral fever: They are known for their web series and comic satires. Among the most subscribed and loved youtube channel in India. Their main competitor being AIB, all India bak chod
  • CarryMinati : Now this young teenager, he is just 17 or 18 years old has tremendous youtube following for the roast videos he makes.

There are numerous international YouTube channels that are famous and they have a huge fan following.

  • PewDiePie: This is a comedy YouTube channel that is based in Great Britain. This channel is managed and run by Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a comedian who has more than 54 million subscribers, has more than 3000 video uploads. The channel has an estimated monthly income ranging between $50K to $800K. Overall, more than 15 billion views have been reported on this YouTube channel.
  • HolaSoyGerman: This is a German YouTube channel started by Alejandro Garmendia Aranis. He has become quite a YouTube celebrity with subscriber more than 31 million in number. He addresses common teenage issues. He presents the comic version of the same. With more than 3 billion views of his videos the YouTube channel is one of the highly searched and watched international YouTube channels. The channel has estimated earnings of $25K to $150K a month.
  • JustinBieberVEVO: This channel is managed and run by Vevo Corporation and it belongs to Justin Bieber. The channel has more than 28 million subscribers, with more than 14 billion views. Also, the YouTube channel has an average of $800K to 15 million annual income.
  • RihannaVevo: This Vevo YouTube Channel belongs to the famous singer and performer Rihanna the YouTube channel has more than 24 million subscribers, 11 billion video views and an average income between $428K to $7 million.
  • Smosh: It is a comic channel that has approximately 22 million subscribers and 6.3 billion views of the videos. The estimated earnings are between $15k to $250K a month.

The above mentioned information is aimed at providing detailed information about YouTube video blogging, advantages, challenges and the importance it has as per the present trend.

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It takes time, effort and energy to write accurate and highly researched articles on I don't have any ill thoughts, just I love writing about saving and making more money. Through incomeboy, i am just sharing my knowledge. It took me more than 5 hours of research, writing, proofreading and then publishing this article, please share it to show some love. I will make sure to deliver more value in the articles to come later on this website.

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