35 Online Jobs in India -Make Rs 30,000/month from home – (Jan 2018)

Online jobs without investment are just amazing, Right?

Well, my business, my earnings and all my income of over 5-7Lacs/month comes from my online jobs .

I have figured out the secret answer behind the question: "how to earn money online in India?"

Want to know the answer?

Then keep reading this article. 

Online Jobs

I have crafted this 100% working list of 35 absolutely amazing and easy work from home jobs.

Each of these help you earn money online instantly. First five are the easiest and i personally do them as well. I am sure you will love them. 🙂

Online jobs bring these benefits:

  • You can do then from the comfort of your home
  • You can make 
  • List Element

Most of the people who are looking for such online jobs have no idea how to earn money online in India. But i do.

Like my example.

Just by following the first two methods in this list, i am generating around $3,000-10,000/month . That is almost 2-6 lacs/month. I have also attached my income proofs in the list below.

Most of them are online jobs without investment. Still, you will find some of them need a very small investment..

You can earn a good amount by investing time (and almost negligible amount of money in some cases) in these online jobs in India. 

Online Jobs - Top 35 Online Job Without Investment


#1. Start a Blog

It is one of the easiest ways to earn money from part time jobs from home without investment.

You can create a blog, post quality content and promote it.

You can create a free as well as paid blog depending on your choice. Once you make a blog you can start earning from it.

There are number of ways through which you can make money out of your blog.

One of the most recommended ways to earn money is by applying Adsense on your blog.

You will get money whenever someone clicks on the ad present on your blog.

start a blog

You can also use your blog for the affiliate marketing or for influential marketing. People pay you lot of money to recommend their services or products.

How much money you can make by starting a blog? : Well this depends on how much hardwork you are willing to put in. Here is what famous bloggers make per month:

  • Harsh Aggarwal of Shoutmeloud - $30,000/month (approximately 20 Lacs/month)
  • Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome - $150,000/month  (approximately 1 crore /month)
  • I also make majority of my income from the network of blogs that i have.​

    Using blog you can keep earning for the lifetime. You can create blog based on the business, job or the product.

    If you have a particular skill, you can represent using your blog.

    Best Resource On the Internet to learn about starting a blog from scratch :Start a Money Making blog

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    #2. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

    Affliate program lets you earn money using the products of the popular websites.

    The websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBAy and many more pay you to promote their products.

    Amazon is the most preferred way to get income using the affiliate marketing.

    Whether you are from USA, India or from any other country, making money using this website is going to get you lot of money.

    affiliate marketing

    Earning through affiliate is beneficial as most of the company’s pay you approx.

    4% to 15% on every purchase that is made using your link.

    When you sign up using the affiliate program you will be shown all the websites providing the affiliate links.

    Sign up free with these affiliate links and earn when a website sells the products to the user who used your affiliate link.

    The future of affiliate marketing is very demanding as the world is moving towards the digitalization.

    The most famous and trusted site to work online and make money in India from online is Amazon.com

    Best Resource On the Internet to learn about starting a blog from scratch : Step-by-step guide on making massive money from affiliate marketing


    #3. Content Writer - Online Writing Job

    If you have writing skills and have the ability to easily express yourself through words, this online job without investment is meant for you.

    You can use your interest for writing to earn money out of it.

    This job is becoming popular as each and every website requires content to be updated on regular basis. This helps them to be in limelight and reach the potential customers with ease.

    The payment per article depends on the length of article.

    Generally, it ranges from $5 to $100. A number of websites is offering the freelancing work. 

    online jobs content writing

    Few of the best websites to find content writing work are:

    As a freelancer you will be writing on topics that your client wants.

    You will get the payment as pre-decided. You must also ensure that the quality of content you write must be good, this will get your more work in the future.

    With experience you will start earning more, and a portfolio will be built with time allowing you to generate quality content based on your prior experience.

    As you gain more experience and reviews on these websites, you will be able to increase your rate and hence make more money.

    One thing you must keep in mind is that you must write the article which is not just engaging but also keyword rich.

    This will allow the article to rank high in the search result.

    This is generally termed as SEO copywriting.

    A good SEO copywriter is in high demand and earns more than any other professional article writer. You must add this skill to your writing in order to succeed in this career. 

    Note: Usually the keywords for the articles are provided by the person who hires you, but if you also give few suggestions and show this proactive behavior your client will be extremely happy and is more likely to give you more work in the future.

    You can find the online part time job without investment from home at Freelancer.com and freelancingwriting.com.


    #4. Buy and Sell Domains for profit

    If you are looking for the way to earn money, then this is a good job to earn online.

    You must have a good knowledge related to the domain name.

    Not only this, you also need to keep a watch and analyze the market requirement of the domain names.

    If you are new to this , then first learn from the biggest domain flipping website: Flippa.com

    domain flipping

    You can buy the domain at much lower prize and sell it at higher price to the person in need.

    In this manner you will earn a huge amount.

    When a particular company looks out top buy the domain but can’t find it, they are ready to pay a higher amount to get access to the domain.

    You can do proper research and search for the name that can be sold later. After sometime, you can put that domain on auction, and earn money from it.

    In case you want to sell you domains using online sites to do job from home is GoDaddy and NameJet.

    Best Guide to learn about Domain flipping:  Make money flipping domains


    #5. Make Money on Youtube

    Making money from YouTube was never so easy. You can make thousands, from YouTube.

    Now the question rises is how to earn money from home without any investment.

    All you need to do is setup your own personal channel and upload quality content on it.

    Does it sound too simple? Well it is not. Making money on Youtube requires dedication, smartness and skills.

    This is why I write a step-by-step guide on starting , building and monetising your Youtube channel. Link below.

    make money youtube

    Content should be such that people enjoy watching it.

    YouTube will pay you for the number of views and based on the likes and dislikes proportion.  

    The most important metric is number of people watching your video and whether you are an authority in your niche or not. Apart from Ads, there are multiple ways to make money.

  • Youtube Ads (You can make $0.5-$2 per 1000 Ad views)
  • Affiliate marketing - Sell products and make a commission
  • Brand Partnership - Partner up with brands and get paid
  • Sell course - Make a online video course and sell to your viewers
  • Hundreds of other ways to make money. Follow our guide to know more.
  • The biggest youtube celebrity PieDiePie made millions of dollars from his Youtube channel.

    So yes you can become a millionaire from Youtube.

    There are many techniques on making an appealing video to attract more viewers in order to maximize your profit.

    For uploading the content you need to do proper research and develop the video accordingly.

    Many You Tubers make lot of money by uploading the content which is user engaging.

    One of the most popular channels of YouTube in India is “BB K Vines”.

    It gets millions of hit and the owner Bhuvan Bam gets to earn huge amount of money. However, I would advise you not to watch the videos in-front of your parents.

    Best Guide to learn about earning money on Youtube:  Make Money On Youtube - The Advanced Guide 


    #6. Instagram Celebrity - Make Money on Instagram

    The most trending platform these days is Instagram.

    You can use this for online part time jobs in India.

    Since the launch of Instagram, it has gained a huge popularity and because of it, many companies are now present over this platform. They can reach the audience easily.

    You can also use Instagram for Social Media Marketing.

     If you have large number of followers, many companies will pay you to promote their services and products.

    You can charge money accordingly, and start earning from it.

    make money instagram

    Instagram can also be used to promote the product or service via InstaBusiness.

    It also provides you the facility of ‘sponsored’ for helping you reach the targeted audience.

    Using the business account of Instagram you can put the mail id, contact number and even insert the link to take the customer directly to your website. Here is how you can make money on Instagram:

    • Brand Partnership - Collaborate with big brands that are relevant to your audience and get paid for promoting them
    • Use affiliate marketing to sell niche products to your audience
    • Sponsored post - Give a shoutout to other accounts in exchange of money

    Best Guide to learn about on earning money on Instagram:  Make Money On Instagram- The Advanced Guide 


    #7. Make Money building Application 

    To earn money by developing the applications is a good way.

    For this you must have some coding skills and you need to know the computer language.

    Once you develop the required skills, getting the job for building the application is an easy task.

    If you want you can work full time or even part time. 

    Use the online platform to get work for developing the apps and earn money.

    make money apps

    You are paid according to the complexity of the app. If you are designing an application which is e-commerce based, you will get highly paid and reverse is true. There are multiple ways to make money by building android and IOS apps:

  • Make apps for freelance projects - Make account on Freelancer.com and odesk.com and do freelancing gigs
  • Build your own app and earn money from in-app purchases and advertisements. (money you make depends on the number of downloads and active users)
  • App flipping - Build apps and sell them on Platform like Flipps.com
  • With expertise more companies approach you, and help you in building your portfolio.

    With experience companies pay you more, which will get you more money.

    Upwork and indeed are famous sites, if you are searching for part time job from home without investment.

    Take the assignments and submit it after completing. You will be paid for that.


    #8. Flipping Websites - Buy and Sell websites

    This kind of work will fetch you a lot of money. Many company’s or small businesses tend to buy the website which already have a huge traffic.

    This is going to get them a lot of customers within short span of time.

    Platform like Flippa.com are the most popular ones for flipping websites.

    You can also check out empireflippers, but that is for pro people who are in website flipping for very long.

    flipping websites

    You can start by buying the domain, and build a website.

    For this first of all you must have the technical knowledge. After building the website, start promoting it and get traffic. This is the tough part, this is why we created a step by step guide on starting a website from scratch.

    Later you can sell the website to the person in searching for the website. Quote the price 10X to 20X more than the revenue you generate out of it every month. There are multiple ways to make money by flipping sites:

    • Build a website by yourself, get traffic and then sell it to people who are looking for that traffic
    • Buy an already existing website , work on it, improve it, improve its traffic and then sell it for higher price

    This is a quick way to get lot of money by doing the job.

    This could be explained by an example, I have seen.

    One of my friends opened up a furniture store and wanted to reach customers in short time.

    I suggested him to buy an already developed website, as it will have a lot of traffic. He contacted a person selling the furniture website and now he is making good money out of it.


    #9. Digital Marketing

    Growing digitalization has made companies to look towards the internet world.

    They now want to mark the presence over the net. For the same reason they are looking for the people with expertise in digital marketing.

    When a person searches for something on internet, he is more likely to click first three links of the search results.

    Every company wants to be in the top three positions, to attract maximum customers.

    They hire freelancers for this work. You can work for them and promote their business online.

    digital marketing

    Apart from SEO, there are many positions under Digital marketing , i have listed few of them:

  • PPC expert :  Help companies get customers by running Pay per click campaigns on Facebook and Google
  • Content Marketing: Become a content marketing expert and make money either as freelancer or full time employee
  • Social Media Marketing: Help companies scale their presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • The companies pay a huge price to come on top position. IF you have specialization in digital marketing start looking out for the freelancing projects to earn online.

    You can do SEO, SMO, make press releases, generate backlinks, SMM and adopt other internet marketing techniques.

    This is going to establish you as a digital marketing expert and get you more work, which ultimately means more money.

    Get digital marketing job online on Upwork and even on freelancing.com


    #10. Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is becoming very popular these days.

    Companies pay huge money to the influencers.

    When an influencer promotes a company’s product viewer does not even realize he is being sold something.

    The companies have realized this thing and use the influencers to get to the large number of audiences.

    influencer marketing
  • For influencer marketing, you must have large group of followers. More the followers more you can earn. You generate good revenue from advertising the product as an influencer
  • Companies which promote the business of their clients also approach the influencers and offer them percentage from the product sold and the money is provided to advertise the clients business
  • You can become an influencer on any platform such as Instagram, Facebook page or group, Youtube, Personal Blog, Niche community etc.

    The money you make depends on the number of people who follow you and the kind of product you are promoting.


    #11. Become an Online Tutor

    It is one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

    If you are good in academics and have the skills to teach students, you can start earning online by teaching them the subject you are good in.

    Nowadays, the comfort level is increasing; people are searching for the tutors who can teach them at home or online.

    In this manner, they get to learn and also there is no requirement to leave the house.

    online tutor
  • You will get good amount for teaching online or by home tuition
  • You should have proficiency in what you are teaching
  • Register yourself on the websites providing you the opportunity to earn money by teaching online, and you will be contacted by the people in who want to hire you
  • Want to look for best online jobs in India for online tutoring, go to vedantu.com , tutorme, The Spruce and Preply


    #12. Stock Trading

    If you have knowledge of share market this is a viable option for you.

    In case you become from a clan of individuals who are homemaker, retired or want to earn by working online start trading.

    On the off chance you are a fresher in this field start watching the business channels and start reading the articles based on stock trading.

    You must also understand the rules of safe trading to avoid any financial lose.

    Stock Trading is something that requires knowledge, smartness and a lot of reading.

    So read all books related to trading, watch videos, be a regular on CNBC and other trading channels and learn the ins and outs of this online job method.

    stock trading

    You need to keep a watch during the working hours of stock market and start by buying the shares and sell them by earning profit. Analyze the market and keep an eye on the market behavior.

    Stock trading involves investment and money; therefore, you must be cautious when trading. It is an easy money making way, though.


    #13. Become a Photographer

    When you look on Facebook or Instagram, you will find out that there are thousands of pages on photography.

    The people operating these pages are earning a lot and making good money. This is one of the great ways to start earning online.

    To become a photographer, you need to understand about all about photography.

    The camera, lenses, techniques, angles and so much more.

    So first take a photography course, learn from books, Youtube, articles and your photographer friends.

  • Start by capturing unique photos and sell them online. The picture quality should be good and the pica should be original.
  • There are a number of websites providing you the platform for selling the pictures. You can put your photo in the gallery and the viewer if likes you photo will buy it. It is a good money making way.
  • All you need to have is high-quality camera and the skills to see the world through the lens of the camera. Once you are perfect in this, there is no stop.

    Look out for the photography jobs to earn online in India on photography-jobs.net

    Best Guide to learn about on making money through Photography:    10 ways to earn money as photographer


    #14. Winning coding competitions

    The people, who are tech savvy, can start earning by participating in coding competitions.

    To earn online using this method you must have a tight hold on coding skills.

    Honestly you need to be really good in coding in order beat others who are good at coding.

    Now, if you are wondering how to develop the coding skills join free programs available online and start practicing.

    When you are ready, search for the websites organizing coding competitions and participate in it.

    win coding competition
  • Winning coding competition is a great way to make money while enhancing your skills
  • You need to practice a lot, become an expert and only then will you be able to beat other coders
  • Use your skills and apply techniques to produce the best code and win the competition. This is the smart way of earning online. A good place to start is Codechef and Hackerearth.com

    Through coding contest you get an opportunity to test your skills and work on it to get the desired results.

    You also get to know where you stand in comparison to other programmers present over the internet. 

    The most important thing to notice is that the winning prize amount is much higher when compared to freelancing work.

    Codechef is one name popular for online coding contest if you want to work from home online.


    #15. Bounty Hunter - Fix Bugs in Websites and Apps

    Have you ever dreamt of becoming a bounty hunter? Here’s a chance for you.

    Without having to risk your life you can become a bug bounty hunter.

    Many companies and websites pay handsome sum to the people, who have special skills to find vulnerability in software’s and websites.

    IF you want to earn online and have computer skills along with high curiosity, you can become the vulnerability finder.

    Whether you are old or young becoming bounty hunter is hassle-free. All you need to have is the mind and desire to keep learning new things.

    bounty hunter
    • One thing to be kept in mind is submitting the quality bugs rather than quantity. More quality bugs you submit more you will be paid. Furthermore, you will be seen as a trustable and reliable bug finder.

    With increase in the experience you will be paid more and the chances of gaining popularity boosts up.

    Put your bug finding skills to test on bugcrowd.com and start making money by doing this home based job without investment.


    #16. Build a Website

    Websites are important in the present scenario of booming digitalization.

    More and more businesses are incorporating websites to increase their client base and customer reach.

    With the help of an appropriate website, you can not only reach the targeted customer but also showcase your services or products to the world and expand your existing clients.

    build website

    Web designers and developers are in huge demand owing to this changing trend.

    Many businesses hire freelance web designers and developers to build a website that aptly describes their line of business.

    These freelancers have the desired skills that people want who are interested in creating a website for their business.

    You can do course in web designing and web development online or from an institute (classroom based).

    Once you have acquired the mandatory skills, you can approach companies and work out the fees and create website for them.

  • WorknHire
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  •  are some of the websites where people post jobs related to website development. You can visit the website and apply for the online job that suits you the best.

    Best Guide to learn about on making money by building websites:   Build website and make money


    #17. Foreign Language Translator

    Many companies in India are looking for expansion in foreign countries to grow their business and expand the business operations.

    More and more companies want to tie up with foreign businesses and companies; the only problem they face is the communication gap because of language barriers.

    In such cases they require the assistance of people who can translate their language and convey the message to both the parties.

    Foreign Language Translator

    This translation can be either verbal or non-verbal communication. There can be documents that needs to be translated and explained to the either of company, foreign language translators are needed to this.

  • Many institutes (government and private) offer foreign language courses to people
  • You can sign up for the classes and get a certification for foreign language
  • You can then apply for these kinds of online jobs in India. The best part is that these online jobs without investments can be done without having to move from office to office.

    Freelancer, upwork, naukri are some of the websites where you can find and apply for the online job of foreign language translator.

    Best Guide to learn about on making money by becoming foreign language translator


    #18. Make Money online through Gaming

    In 2016, the value of Indian gaming industry was valued at INR30.8 billion and is expected to reach INR71 billion by year 2021.

    This increase in the value of gaming industry has created potential for more and more jobs.

    One of the many jobs in the gaming industry is to test the games developed.

    make money gaming
  • People who are developing games need people to test the games and suggest changes and make advancements in the game. They hire people who have a knack for gaming and have shown tremendous interest in games.
  • Other aspect of the gaming industry is that there are many games that are available online which you can play and earn money (with luck of course). There are many games in India that you can download in your phone or play online and earn some money.
  • If you love playing games in your smart phones or your computer, this online job without investment is for you. You can download games such as TeenPatti and Casino games and start playing and earning simultaneously.

    If you are a pro gamer and also have a humorous side then you can even live stream on Twitch or even make a youtube channel and make money through that. PieDiePie made millions last year and he is a gamer.​

    Best Guide to learn about on making money by online gaming


    #19. Graphic Designing

    Contrary to popular belief that graphic designing is limited to websites and website related aspects, graphic designing is actually a part of everyday life.

    It is used in everything at some or other point.

    It is true that graphic designing is used extensively in web designing and web development but it is not the only are where it is used.

    graphic designing
  • Anything that needs to be displayed or presented such as billboards, cards, pamphlets and other such mediums; graphic designing is used to create artful designs to make it more attractive and engaging
  • Apart from that, manufacturing process also use the assistance of graphic designing to create the basic blueprint of the unit that needs to be manufactured
  • If you have expertise in the field of graphic designing you can apply for freelance jobs to make money from online work which can be completed from your home thus eliminating the need of visiting the physical locations of the employer.

    If you have a knack for designing and have an artistic approach to things, then you can register yourself on Worknhire, freelancer.com, upwork and Indeed.

    They can offer you job suggestion from which you can apply. 

    There are multiple places to sell your graphics as well like graphicriver.net as well.

    Best Guide to learn about on making money by becoming graphic designer


    #20. Network Marketing

    The most credible way to make money online is by network marketing. If you know any legitimate networking company, making money online is going to be easy for you.

    Companies pay you to promote their products and services.

    You can make a chain of people, and refer them to the company. 

    Whenever they make any purchase you will get a profit out of it.

    It is more like affiliate marketing but in a different way.

    network marketing
    • Also, when they add more people under them, you will get some percentage out of every purchase made in your chain. This is a good way to earn money online.
    • You have to do work only once, and the next time you will get money without spending much of your energy.

    The people linked under you will do the hard work and you will get the profit out of it.

    Upwork and clickindia provides you the chance to earn money online for free.


    #21. Proof Reading

    The best and simplest way to earn money online is to go for proofreading job.

    When you search on internet for proofreading jobs in India, thousands of jobs will be displayed to you.

    You can do proofreading on various topics like business, medical, fitness, health, academic, sports and even music.

    You have the option for choosing your niche.

    You can even partner up with offline companies and get some freelance proofreading work as well.​

    proof reading
  • To start proofreading you must have strong foundation in English and Grammar, this will assist you in completing the work without worry or stress.
  • The large database of clients enables you to keep doing this work and get paid for every task you complete. . . 

  • Start proofreading job by registering on a website providing this opportunity
  • On successful sign up the work will be mailed to you
  • All the information necessary to complete the task will be provided to you, and this manner you will be able to complete the work at your own convenience.
  • You will receive the payment after successful completion of the task.
  • Are you thinking on how to make money from home in India? Go to dataconversionjobs.com or worknhire.com to start earning.


    #22. Make Money From Facebook

    The simplest and easiest way to earn money online is through Facebook.

    If you are the admin of a page or group with large number of loyal followers, you can simply start earning from it.

    Many big brands and companies contact you to share their page on your group or page and they pay you good money for that.

    As they realize the value of good followers over the internet, they try to reach the large customer base by using these tactics.

    make money facebook

    You can even start affiliate marketing on your page. When your follower buys a product using the link, you will get commission out of it.

    Many brands also pay you to promote their products or services on your page and recommend it to the followers.

    It is observed that when a follower is presented with some product by the person or page he is following, he does not even realize that he is sold something. Following this concept, companies promote themselves on pages with large number of followers.

    What are you waiting for? Go and make you page to start doing this  part time job from home using your favorite social media platform: Facebook.

    Best Guide to learn about on making money on Facebook:   Make Money on Facebook- Advanced Guide


    #23. Selling Physical Goods on Amazon

    One of the suggested ways to earn money online is using amazon.

    It is an e-commerce platform to buy and sell goods.

    I have personally started delving into Amazon for making money.

    I am using the method of importing products from China and then selling them on Amazon.

    I will be writing a comprehensive guide on the same very soon.​

    sell on amazon
  • You can also start earning by using the amazon to sell the physical goods. The best way to maximize the profit is by buying the unique and best goods and items from the market or from other e-commerce websites, and selling them on amazon. IN this way you can earn a good profit out of it.
  • You can also open your own selling store and offers the good and item to the large user database. Make a profit by selling these products. Also, increased audience means that you will have more chance to sell items available with you.
  • The other amazing way to make money on amazon is by importing goods from China using Alibaba and selling them on Amazon. This is called Amazon FBA method and it is one of the best way to make money.
  • Now what are you waiting for, start hunting the unique goods and sell them on amazon for earning money.


    #24. E-commerce Store on shopify

    Individuals who want to earn online by doing jobs in India, can use Shopify platform.

    In this you setup your own personal store, and start selling.

    It is one of the best platform to create an e-commerce site for yourself.

    I am already making some money using dropshipping and shopify.​

    sell stuff shopify
  • The best way to maximize the online income is to import the products from china and start selling it on Shopify. You can make use of Facebook ads to attract customers.
  • Even if you have some artistic skills like homemade chocolates, handicrafts, etc. use such online earning websites to showcase your talent and sell the products.
  • Shopify attracts huge customer base, and for the same reason you will start earning in no time.


    #25. Selling Online

    Are you looking for a way to earn money online without investment? Selling online is a feasible option to adopt.

    You can use various selling platforms provided in order to sell your products online.

    When you open an offline store and try to sell it, only limited customers can be reached.

    On the other hands, when you sell online, your product reaches large number of audience. 

    This increases the chances of selling the good by making good profit. 

    sell online

    Moreover, if your product gets good reviews, the demand may boost up, making you earn more money by selling more number of products.

    Ebay is one such platform that helps you to sell your products online.

    You can also become the merchant on amazon, and start earning by making huge profit. Another benefit of selling online is that you save the cost of renting and managing the goods in the store.


    #26. Make Money From adsense

    make money google adsense

    Online advertisements are a raging trend which is being incorporated in many websites by the website owners to earn some extra money through their websites.

    Appropriate advertisements attract potential customers ergo money.

     Google’s AdSense is an example through which people earn money with the help of advertisements.

    google make money
    make money google adsense

    AdSense is a revenue sharing opportunity for small, medium and large website owners.

    You can place advertisements for goods and services that are relevant to the content of your website.

    This way you can target the people who frequently visit your website. Every time someone clicks on the advertisement, you will get paid a small amount.

    http://showboxappdownload.co/ is one of the biggest AdSense earners in India. You can visit the website and have a look at the advertisements placed on his website and get a fair idea.

    Google AdSense is the biggest player if you want to earn money through advertisements. although if you have majority Indian audience on your website then it will be difficult to get good rates for Ads.

    You must also try Media.net (an amazing Adsense alternative). I have heard very good reviews about Media.net.


    #27. Become a Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistant (not to be confused with JARVIS) are people who companies (mostly startup) or entrepreneurs hire in order to outsource the workload.

    They are given daily tasks that could range from official work to managing the account or cold calling or setting up meetings with clients.

    Give them work and they will do it.

    Become a Virtual Assistant
  • There are many websites on which people, who need virtual assistants, post jobs. You can visit these websites and apply for the free online job
  • You don’t need any certification or degrees for applying to these jobs. In most cases you might have to give a face to face interview but that’s all there is.
  • BrickWorkIndia and Upwork provide the best online jobs for virtual assistants in India if you are interested in doing this job.


    #28. Review Writing

    Social Media is a powerful platform.

    Before going to any place or buying any product or service, customers tend to look out for the reviews of the company or product they are going to deal with.

    Companies understand the importance of social media, and for this reason they pay you for writing good reviews about them.

    Some even offer you to use their products or service and write reviews accordingly. This is a smart way to ear online.

    review writing
  • Many websites are present on the internet which is meant just for this reason. They pay you for every review you write. You used a product and found that product useful and good, write a positive review. In case, your experience is bad, you can write negative review and you will still be paid.
  • You review helps others to decide whether they want to use the product or service of company or they should find an alternative for that.

    You can also become a reviewer on Youtube and gain an audience and soon companies will start approaching you for product reviews.

    You can also become a regular reviewer on Zomato and amazon and you can make money through that as well.

    The only thing that matters is giving honest and detailed reviews so that people can start trusting you.

    Get work from thebalance.com and make money online in India.


    #29. Mystery Shopper

    It sounds interesting, right?

    If you are interesting in investigating or want to know how a company works, you can opt for mystery shopping.

    There are number of agencies over the internet, which pay you for mystery shopping.

    mystery shopper
  • These companies ask you to go to the stores or outlets of their clients and find service quality.
  • Some service checks even require you to make purchase and test the service.
  • You come back home and fill the form provided to you. You will be given various options and you have to complete that form.
  • The amount you spend on purchasing will be refunded. You also get to keep the purchased product with you.
  • If you opt for the McDonald’s mystery shopping, you will be sent to the nearest McDonald’s store and you have to purchase the items to eat and follow the guidelines given by them.

    On successful completion, you will be paid mystery shopping amount, bill amount and travelling expenses.

    Mysteryshopperindia.com is one famous name which provides you the opportunity to do online work at home.


    #30. Ad-Posting

    As the name suggests, this job requires people to post online advertisements regarding jobs or any other stuff as directed by the employer.

    It is also used to promote different websites on the website that has employed you for this kind of job.

    They require people to write the description for the websites.

    ad posting
  • You can simply register yourself on the sites that provide ad posting jobs.
  • They will contact you and offer the job. They will describe the work that you are supposed to do, the types of description you will need to write and the websites that you will have to target.
  • You don’t require any special skills or technical knowledge for this kind of work. You just need a laptop or computer with a stable internet connection.
  • If you are thinking of applying for ad posting jobs in India I would refer you to Gyaniji and Clickxa.

    They are the leaders in providing ad posting online jobs in india.


    #31. Online Data Entry Job

    Data keeping is very important in a company and even more important in a big organization and cannot be neglected.

    This makes data entry an important aspect of many (read every) organizations.

    They have loads of data that needs to be entered into the system, manually or with the help of software.

    Either way, it requires the data to be entered correctly and a record to be maintained that can be easily managed and searched for when the need arises.

    data entry
  • Many websites haveonline job openings for the post of data entry
  • You can apply there and get the job.
  • This job can be done from home at your comfort level and without having to travel the land office of the organization.
  • You just need to have a basic knowledge of computer and you are good to start at your convenience.
  • This job requires no investment on your part and readily available for your consideration. Dataconversionindia provides online data entry job without asking for any kind of payment to be made in their favor.


    #32. Micro-Jobs

    Micro jobs, the term given to jobs that is very small in nature.

    There are some simple and short tasks that need to be completed which are outsourced by the organizations to people who want to earn some extra money by sitting at home.

    These jobs can be anything such as following people on Instagram, liking posts on Facebook or retweeting some tweets on twitter.

    (Yes, tasks can be these small tasks).

    micro jobs

    Organizations look for people that have basic skill knowledge of computer and have an internet connection at their place.

     If you have spare time on hand and want to earn extra money, you can search for micro jobs. 

    You will just be required to register and create an account on the website offering such micro jobs to people.

    There are many micro jobs that are available in India if you want to earn money from home without investment. You just need to search for them and apply for the one that attracts you the most. Portals where you can start your search:

  • Amazon mechanical Turk
  • Fiverr.com
  • 33

    #33. Online Survey

    Online survey is another best way to earn money online.

    You just have to fill the online form and give your reviews to the company and they will pay you.

    Many companies offer you the opportunity to take online survey and earn money.

    These companies ask for your opinion on their product or service and act according to the survey for increasing their sales.

    make money survey

    You have to sign up with the websites providing the platform to perform online survey. After successful registration, you will get survey in your email. Complete them and you will get money for doing the survey.

    You must ensure that the survey you are doing is genuine and not a fraud. Once you are sure that the survey is genuine and you will get paid for it, start doing it.

    Opinion world.in and triaba.in are few of the famous online money making sites. Try out these sites and learn how to earn money without investment.


    #34. Email Reading

    Electronic mail or as it is commonly referred to E-mail, is an important part for any business.

    People send and receive emails from companies looking for businesses or clients or customers looking for services or giving out services.

    Reports suggest that an average office worker receives almost 120 emails per day.

    With so many emails being received every day there are chances that some of the emails can get lost or go unnoticed.

    email reading
    • Many organization hire people to solve this problem, this is the shortcut if you are looking for a way to get hold of free money by doing internet jobs.
    • They hire people to read and filter the emails and in some cases complete the task given in the email.
    • Companies might send you emails that have links for ads, games or purchasing a product.
    • You just need to complete the task such as play games or buy a product from the purchasing link and the company will pay for completing the task.

    While most of the companies that offer online e-mail reading jobs offer you money that can range from INR0.30 to INR2.00 per E-mail. But CyberExpo provides you a signup bonus of INR299 and referral bonus of INR59.


    #35. Earning from your Smartphone

    All you need to earn online is your Smartphone. Number of applications is available on Google Play Store for earning.

    These applications provide you money, for installing and using it.

    You can also earn a large sum by referring them to your friends and getting the reference amount in your wallet.

    Many apps also have the option of installing the recommended apps using it, and give you money on every installation.

    This is a good and easiest way to get paid for using the apps and to get hold of free money.

    make money smartphone

    Although, I have listed this in earn money online, but it is not a dependable and reliable source of income. You must rather choose from the options provided above and put your life to some good use.

    I will advise you to look for some permanent source of income, rather than just depending on this temporary source. You can choose to earn money by these methods working part-time.

    It took me 15+ hours to ​create this epic guide on Online Jobs. I hope my effort was worth it. I you like this guide then please share it with your friends. Sharing is caring and this simple step will bring the biggest smile on my face 🙂

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