What is Affiliate Marketing in India – Make Rs 1,43,000/month

Are you looking to make money online?

I have made more than Rs 50,00,000/- (almost $90,000) online through affiliate marketing alone.

Today I will tell you what is affiliate marketing in India and how to use the best affiliate marketing programs in India to make easy and recurring passive income of more than Rs 1,00,000 within three months.

I made Rs 3,01,637/- from affiliate marketing alone. I will show my income proofs in the end of this article.

Affiliate marketing in india

Affiliate Marketing Complete Guide: What is Affiliate marketing​?

​Affiliate marketing is when you refer someone to any online product (through your link) and when that person makes a purchase , you will receive a commission according to the terms decided by the company, service or the product that person purchased

Just like the referral campaigns that indian companies are doing. When you invite your friends to use uber app you get a referral commission. This is exactly what affiliate marketing is.

Let's Take an example. You love my blog and the articles i publish. I give a lot of free advice, tips and insightful articles on the topics that interest you.

Now one day I recommend you a book which I love. Let's say the book is on Amazon. If I have put the affiliate link, and you decide to go and buy that book on my recommendation by clicking on my affiliate link, then I will get a small commission according to the terms decided by Amazon.​

Ankur Aggarwal Incomeboy.com

Affiliate Marketing commission

Affiliate marketing commission depends on the product you are promoting .

The commission rates , value and percentages can be seen on the  affiliate marketing program that you have signed up on

Usually the Commission (per sale) ranges from 



$ 10000

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work ? 

Its easy, let me show you how.

I have created this Gifographic to explain in detail how Affiliate marketing in india works:

Affiliate Marketing infographic gifographic

To embed this Gifographic on your website, use the following code:

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Why companies offer Affiliate programs?

Its a mutually beneficial relationship.

Almost all major websites (or even smaller companies) have an affiliate program. Affiliate programs in india is also very common and you can see it on various popular and best online shopping sites in india like Flipkart, amazon etc

Through affiliate programs these companies incentivize or make it easy for people to make some extra cash, this motivates them to sell this companies product.

So companies use these affiliate programs to sell more of their products and people like you and me, promote their products to earn some small commission on the side.

Now you must be wondering, how will i track my sales, and the people i recommend these products who purchased through my link​?

When you sign up on any companies Affiliate program, you will get you own unique tracking link.

So let's say you are promoting a Book on Amazon that you yourself love to your audience. Instead of directly linking to that book, you use your special affiliate link to drive people to check that book out

If your audience buys that book from your link, amazon will give you a commission. You can track this commission in your account that you created when you signed up on the Amazon Affiliate program .

Most of the online affiliate marketing programs have their TOS (terms of service). These are guidelines for affiliates, more like a rulebook that each affiliate needs to follow in promoting the company's product

One important and frequent term you will hear in Affiliate marketing is Cookie duration. So if someone goes through your affiliate link but decided not to buy. 

The browser will save a cookie. If the person decided to buy any product lets say 10 days after they visited your affiliate link, you will still get the commission. This is because your cookie duration is 60 days.

Cookie duration varies from Affiliate programs, so some might have 30 days some might go for 90 days ass well

If you are still not sure how does affiliate marketuing work, then this affiliaet marketing glossary will get you acquaited with the common terms and words that you will encounter

  • Affiliate Program: A place where people like you and me can sign up and get affiliate links, statistics, check earnings and affiliate management
  • What is an Affiliate ? : When you sign up on an affiliate program you become an affiliate. So the publishers of affiliate links are affiliates
  • Affiliate Marketplace: Places like Clickbank, Shareasale, CJ are repository of various affiliate programs. So instead of signing up to individual affiliate network, you can just sign up on these affiliate marketplaces and track all your affiliate programs
  • Affiliate Link: This is a special tracking link , which is offered by your affiliate program to track your affiliate promotion , traffic, hits etc
  • Affiliate ID: This is just like affiliate link, but some affiliate programs offer a unique ID
  • Payment Mode: Payment mode for affiliate commissions vary from program to program. Common ones are PayPal, check, Wire transfer, Paxum etc.
  • Affiliate Manager/ OPM: Companies allot specific affiliate managers to help their affiliates make more money. As an affiliate, your best partner to help you make more money will be your affiliate manager
  • Landing Pages: landing pages are an integral part of an affiliate campaign. Almost all affiliate e programs have a landing page that is A/B tested to select the best and most converting pages.
  • Commission Percentage/Amount: This is the amount or the percentage of sales that you as an affiliate we will make if someone makes a purchase through your link
  • Custom Affiliate link: This is usually a pro feature. Companies give their most performing affiliates, their own custom affiliate links instead of a generic link
  • Custom Affiliate coupon: Just like custom affiliate links, companies, many a times give the feature of creating custom coupons for yourself to increase your sales 
  • Link cloaking: Once you start affiliate marketing, you will see that ajority of the affiliate links are ugly looking. We use a wordpress affiliate plugin known as Thirsty Affiliet (described below in the post ) for converting the links into good looking domain name pages. 
  • Cost per Sale (CPS)

Examples of companies using Affiliate links?

Have you ever heard the name of coupondunia - the biggest coupon website in India. Well, all the coupon, as well as cashback websites, work on the principle of affiliate marketing.

People who go through their link to make a purchase get a cheap price, and these companies make money from affiliate commissions.

Since hundreds and thousands of people make their purchases after going through their affiliate links, this is why these companies are growing and hiring so many people in their team

Now you might have many questions regarding affiliate marketing, I have tried to cover them up in the tabulated form below. Just press the appropriate tab and the answer for that question will come

  • Are you Scamming People?
  • is affiliate marketing illegal
  • Can i use adsense with affiliate marketing
  • Does it cost money to join affiliate progarm

To join affiliate program you dont have to pay any money.

It is free to join any affiliate program. Affiliate programs are a way for mutual benefit and hence there will never ever be any way to charge money.​

How much money can i make from affiliate marketing?

One of the most asked question to me.

Honestly there is no upper limit. Just check Pat Flynn Income Report  and he is making almost $150,000/month from his online blog. The majority of that income is coming from affiliate marketing

I also make a significant chunk of my income from affiliate marketing , you can check the image that i have shared in the end of this article , as a snapshot of one of my affiliate programs .​

Do not focus on how much money can I make, first deliver value, then deliver more value to your audience, build a loyal following of fans and then start recommending products that you yourself love.People will automatically start buying and you will create an amazing stream of passive income.​

Ok now i know about online Affiliate Marketing - How do i get started?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get started in affiliate marketing. I have already shared the complete explanation of all these steps above in the article.

  • Choose among the best Affiliate Marketing Programs listed above
  • Install the most popular Affiliate Marketing plugins
  • Build an audience and promote your affiliate products

Starting your own blog is the first step in making money from Affiliate Marketing

With 7+ year experience of Digital marketing, 5+ year experience of affiliate marketing, I know what works and what doesn't work. Starting a blog 2010 was the best decision I ever made in my life. You can also create an amazing source of passive income while writing and building a loyal fan base of people you love. I have written a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog - covering step-by-step a helping you reach 10,000 visitors/day in 6 months.Click the button below and start your blogging journey

91% success rate

91% of people who have followed this guide have created a successful blog from scratch

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 

You must check out our article on Best online shopping sites to get some idea about best websites in India that are selling any product or service. There you can make a list of all companies that you can target.

For simplicity, I have put all affiliate programs in tabulated form for easier access and understanding​

Top and Best Affiliate Networks for 2017



Visit Site


Commission Junkie








Impact Radius


Amazon Associates





Best Affiliate Networks in India



Visit Site







Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

Although affiliate marketing has such huge potential that almost all top and best online shopping sites in india are using it.​

Although i will be listing all the companies with affiliate program here in the tables below, but i will also request you to check our article on top shopping sites in india and learn for yourself which company to choose.​

Online Shopping Affiliate programs:




Visit Site


Amazon Associates

The most promising online shopping site in india. I know few people who are making more than $100,000/month just from Amazon itself



India based online shopping site. A must have an affiliate program if you are promoting Indian traffic.



Another online shopping giant in india, you must add it on your list if you are promoting indian traffic.



A not so big website but can be given a try. But it will be difficult to get conversions as people dont usually trust a website for which they have not heard the name



Paytm are known for their cheap prices and offers. You can promote them and make hefty commission.


​Myntra and Jabong

Now acquired by Flipkart, These are two big names in fashion industry online. A must have affiliate program as people are becoming more and more fashion conscious.

Best Matrimonial Affiliate programs

You can make easy money form Marriage and Matrimonial websites affiliate programs. I have listed down the best and top matrimonial sites in india for you to sign up and refer people to make money.




Visit Site



A well-known name among Indians with an amazing domain name, shaadi.com is the oldest and most popular among Indians for matrimonial needs.



Another well known and emerging player targeting matrimonial space in india.



Jeevansaathi has gained a lot of popularity and is about to topple shaadi.com for the top position.

Best Tour and Travel Affiliate Program:

Traveling culture is picking up speed and going for a trip is the new cool factor. Traveling companies are cashing onto this and hence they also have a lucrative and highly paying affiliate programs. I have listed down the best travel and tour companies in India with affiliate programs.



Visit Site








Trip Advisor



Best Job Affiliate Program:

India has a massive population and most of them are searching for a job. And job portals are getting millions of visitors per month from these job seekers. Even I do the hiring for my company through naukri.com.

You can refer people to these job portals and make money. Many of them offer job search tool that you can add to your website.



Visit Site







Other Top Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate are not nich specific. You can affiliate programs in almost all industries and niches.

You just need to search for them. I have listed down few of the best affiliate programs apart from the once mentioned above.



Visit Site


Itunes Affiliate


Alibaba Affiliates


Affiliate Window (Europe)

Finding items to promote on Affiliate programs

Lets say you have started a blog, also build a following and now want to promote affiliate product

You also have a product in mind. Now to find the affiliate links, if that products is on Amazon or Flipkart you can easily join and promote

If you have product which you dont know whether it has affiliate program or not, then you can just use the query "product name or keyword" along with the words "affiliate program". Most probably you will find what you are looking for

If you have seen any of your competitor or similar blog promoting the same product you can check the link. If the links is cloaked then you can email the webmaster to find out about that affiliate program.

Make sure the product you are recommending is relevant to your audience and somehow relatable to your niche. If you recommend any product that is totally unrelated, your audience might buy it once, but you will loose the trust of your audience if your recommendation was just for the sake of money or your own interests.

Affiliate marketing should be a long term game and you can only succeed if you are genuine and true to your audience​

Affiliate Marketing in India Income Proof

I have been an active affiliate marketer for more than 5 years now. Affiliate marketing makes a significant portion of my overall revenue. Apart from affiliate marketing i do SEO consultancy, Independent digital marketing projects, teaching and various other ways to make money

I also have an article best credit cards in india which also has affiliate links.​

I have multiple niche websites and the major way to make money from all of them is through affiliate marketing. I am sharing below snapshot of one of my Niche website where i recommend people a fantastic product and if they decide to buy i make a commission:

Affiliate marketing income proof

Make more money from your blog ? Automatic affiliate links

There are two plugins that i highly recommend:

  • Viglink
  • Skimlinks

These plugins automatically convert the normal links on your website or blog into affiliate links. So if any purchase takes place you will get a commission. This way you don't have to sign up on multiple platforms and also these are SEO friendly , so you also don't have to worry about that

Free and Best wordpress affiliate plugins for Affiliate marketers

The job is not complete when you sign up on affiliate programs.

There are many free and paid WordPress affiliate plugins, that help in the management of affiliate links and will make your life much easier.

When you have a website that is huge or getting many thousands of visitors/day then you will have hundreds of affiliate link​, and then the affiliate link management becomes a tedious task if you are doing it in an excel.

#1. Thirsty Affiliates - Best WordPress Affilite plugin (recommended)

This is by far the best affiliate plugin for wordpress. Regularly updated, used by thousands of affiliate marketers, amazing features and many more

Its free to use, but it has addons that can be purchased. Geolocation and Google link tracking are some good ones​

#2. Pretty Link - Top WordPress Affilite plugin (recommended)

As the name suggest, this plugin creates pretty or good looking urls for easy sharing. More like a link shortening by creating good looking custom links.

The best part is that you can create shortened version of an article, with your domain name. for eg: incomeboy.com/creditcard. You can also track number of hits.​

#3. Thrive Leads - Best Email list affiliate plugin (recommended)

Real money is in the Email list of your website or blog, and this plugin makes it super duper easy to capture hundreds and thousands of email addresses from your site

I use it myself, and i saw and increase of more than 256% when i shifted to Thrive leads from Optin monster (which i was using earlier)

You can easily promote affiliate products to your email list, and since they are already your fan, they are more likely to buy your products​

#4. Amazon Product in a post wordpress plugin

This plugin is simple to use and does what the name suggests.

Used for Amazon associate program, it use Amazon API key and Associates account id to import and add affiliate amazon products to your blog posts​

#5. Rel Nofollow Checkbox wordpress affiliate plugin

Affiliate links are not much liked by Google. So having lot of "Follow" affiliate links in your blog post might harm your SEO

This plugins helps to make the affiliate links "Nofollow" and prevent the link juice from passing to affiliate sites

#6. Thrive Content Builder - Best wordpress affiliate plugin (recommended)

You can make more visually appealing articles, and generate more clicks to your affiliate site if you use this plugin

I have used Thrive content builder to create all the blog posts on this website and you should use this too.

The buttons, the review adding capabilities, and many more functionality will easily double your affiliate earnings.Also the design of your blog post will help you look more professional and stand out among the competition​

Affiliate Site Examples

For you to better understand about Affiliate sites, I have included a list of sites that can serve as inspiration and some knowledge on using affiliate marketing for the passive income source.

  • Smartpassiveincome.com : The best example of doing affiliate marketing the right way. Check his income reports and you will be surprised
  • Eofire.com 
  • bestproducts.com : Classic example of Amazon and other e-commerce based affiliate site
  • Counpondunia.com - Indian coupon affiliate website

How to add affiliate links and also how to check for affiliate earnings?

You can check your affiliate income on the affiliate program you have signed up on. All of them have a section where they show detailed statistics on number of impressions, number of sales, your commission ect

To add an affiliate link to your website, all you have to do is generate your affiliate link. Copy the link and where ever you put the product link in your article, just instead of the direct link, put your affiliate link. It is that simple.​

For adding those ugly looking affiliate links, use a Thirsty Affiliate plugin. This WordPress affiliate link management plugin will handle all your affiliate links and will take control of your affiliate links​

Best Content types that generate affiliate income

  • Review Articles: They perform the best, why ? because people are actually searching for expert advice from someone like you before making their busying decision.So when they buy from your link, you make a commission
  • Comparison articles: In this article, you compare two good products in which, your visitors are confused which one to buy. So you compare them, add pros and cons and then recommend them one among them
  • My tools: I also have a post called the tools I use . Here I list down all the products, tools, services that have helped me in building an online business. since I have 7+ years of experience in digital marketing so I know that the product I recommend are genuinely good.So when you add affiliate links, you get a commission
  • Coupons/deals/ offers : Create an article with exclusive coupon or deal for any products and when people buy using your links, you will get an affiliate commission

Affiliate Marketing Program Myths busted 

For newbie bloggers or unaware people, affiliate marketing is confusing and also seen upon with shady eyes

Honestly even i thought that when i started few years back. It just sounds too good to be true and unless you get familiar with it, you might just hate it. Now i will uncover some myths, false claims​ and apprehensions that people have against affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are Fake

All related affiliate programs are genuine. When you talk about Amazon associate, Flipkart, Commission Junkie, Share sale, Clickbank, there is no doubt for any fakeness

Although there are dubious and fake companies, but anyways you wont be making any account on these companies. Also people who fear affiliate programs will cheat with you or wont track proper links, then worry not all big companies have a reputation to manage and they will never do any cheap trick

Affiliate Marketing is easy money

Trust me its not. Yes once you have build up and audience , affiliate marketing gives you a great way to monetize your online presence but all that requires on your part to provide value, earn the trust of your followers and then recommend them any product

I will sign up on all affiliate programs to double or triple my income

I am not sure whether you guys are familiar with Pareto principle. Where 80% of your returns will come from 20% of your best assets.

Similarly the majority of your income will come from the few of the best affiliate offers you promote. So signing up on hundreds of affiliate programs an then generating links sounds nonsense

Email Affiliate Marketing - Monetizing your Email list through Affiliate Links

Only pro marketers or big blogs use their Email list to monetize and enhance their monthly passive income.

If you have read the website of smartpassiveincome.com by Pat Flynn, then you will realize the potential of Email marketing and the money making capabilities an email list have.

Your email list is and will be your most prized possession. The sooner you realize that the importance of your email list the better. Be it a beginner blog or an already established blog, Email list is the most important asset of your online business

Now i will tell you how you can use Email marketing and generate more affiliate income for your blog.

If you don't know about Email marketing and the tools that I use, then check out my article on: My Recommended tools . I use Thrive leads for Email capturing and Aweber for Email marketing. Both of these tools are paid, but ROI is more than 10,000% that too within one month of starting.

Here are some important steps that will help you make affiliate income from your email newsletter:

Add persoanl videos - Get in front of the camera

​This is a mandatory step, not just for email marketing but also for your online webiste. If you add more realism and personality in your blog, people can make genuine bonds with you. 

Adding your face to the website, adding your image on the homepage (like i have done), adding instructional youtube videos, help in making that stronger bond with your audience. And this will help in making a solid fan base.

Wehn you add an instructional video, showing how it can be helpful, people are more likely to buy it. Showing and focusing on the benefit is the key.

Case Study - Write a compelling case study and people will love you​

Whenever you add a case study, like "How xyz used this product and gained xyz dollars" , "how sing xyz products saved 60 mins of my time everyday". The case study can be of you or any of the person you know or helped.

Since case study add a real person, a real case scenario, people relate with that and also showcasing the benefit becomes easier this way.

Promoting your money posts that actually delier value​

Lets say you have one post that makes you the most money. Also this post is highly comprehensive and adds a lot of value to the person reading it.

Now promoting this post to your email audience becomes crucial as there might be members on your email list who might not know about this post. When they see it, they might buy the product you are promoting. Also, sicne new eyes will be coming onto this money post, the small percentage of your audience will share it and that will drive additional traffic. ​

If you are new to email marketing and outreach​ , then you can use a tool like Aweber for ultra effective email marketing. 

Shall i tell my visitors and fans about Affiliate links

Hell YES 😀

Why i say this is that. Almost all of the newbie beginners in affiliate marketing think that if i disclose to my visitors that the links are affiliate links they will think that i am a cheater or money is my prime motive.

But this is not the case. When you politely tell your visitors that the product you are recommending has an affiliate link and also if they buy through your link you will get a small commission. When you add this transparency on your website this will help make more loyal fans.

People will love your honesty and will make sure to use your affiliate links to buy instead of going directly. So rather instead of reduced sales, you will see that your affiliate income or commission increases because your fans love your honesty and hence trust you a lot.

If you check my article on Tools that i use (add link) , you can see that i add a disclosure that the links are affiliate in nature. Trust and honestly are two brig principles in my life and this is why people have so much love for me and my online business and websites.​

How to Manage Broken or Expired Affiliate Links

This is a mistake that even i have made many a times and have lost a lot of money.

If affiliate marketing is the primary channel of your blog income, then regularly checking for expired or broken affiliate links is a smart strategy.Also it is not that hard to check and fix these links.

  • Your old affiliate links might not work anymore
  • Your affiliate links are giving 404 error (which means page not found)
  • Your old affiliate links are not working for other reasons

If you are using Thirsty Affiliate WordPress plugin, then fixing broken or expired affiliate links would be easy. Since this affiliate link Cloaker plugin then since all your affiliate links are managed from a single place, fixing them will be a simple process

How to find broken or expired affiliate links​

Just use a free wordpress plugin for this, its called Broken Link Checker 

Although it will take some time to check for all the links , but it will give you a very comprehensive list of all the links that are on yoru webiste, affiliate or non affiliate

You can also check this video by Authority hacker on managing such problem: 

I use Thrive Content builder to create my landing pages and use my expired affiliate links to build Email list.​

Now Affiliate marketing is huge and this post has already reached 6,000 words. So i will stop here. But dont worry my target for this post is 20,000 words covering everything that you need to know about Affiliate marketing, so bookmark this post now.

Over the period of next month i will keep adding more fresh content , till the time this article or guide becomes the best affiliate marketing guide on the planet

Now if i am putting so much effort, then the least i can ask is for a share. Please share this article with your friends and on your social media and help others also know about this amazing article.​

Also check our article on check pf balance is you are in india.​

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